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Protests after no charges for officer in Black teen shooting l GMA

Protests and clashes broke out overnight near Milwaukee after the district attorney said the police officer in question was justified for shooting and killing a Black teenager.

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    So it was a justified shooting of a dangerous criminal….
    They should be giving this hero officer a gold medal to hang around his neck, not a noose .
    BLM are a bunch of bully terrorists.
    And the MSM are just as bad

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    You " protesters " don't get it. Did you have permission to riot…no but go ahead keep this up and you won't have a city anymore cause you just look for trouble and eventually you're going to get it. All lives matter 🇺🇸

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    PROTEST? Are you jking? FAKE NEWS!

  4. Avatar

    Police officer shot and killed murderous thug…there I fixed your headline

  5. Avatar

    Wait they forgot too add “ WHITE COP SHOOTS BLACK INNOCENT TEEN” oh wait nvm….

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  7. Avatar

    One question, how many Jordan's were relieved from their store shelves in anger over this shooting???

  8. Avatar

    ABC hates America and Americans

  9. Avatar

    Freaking scum rioters!!!

  10. Avatar

    Lying witness should be in prison!!!

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    Roddy MacChlerich


    I don’t recall the constitution mentioning a police force

    American should not be policed but by themselves a regulated militia responsible to the American people and none other

    Police or policy in force is for politicians

    Politicians are bought and sold on the global market
    Americans fate, should not be bought and sold
    “with” them

    defund the police
    and put them in the hands of the American people
    👉🏽and none other
    #TRUMP2020 🇺🇸

    Break out of your childish fucking patterns
    What is not to be expected is what’s real

  12. Avatar

    Don’t shoot cops, don’t brandish a gun at cops, don’t commit crime, problem solved.

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    Frederick Watkins


  14. Avatar
    Samantha Woolford

    He shot at the cop, with a stolen gun. It is always sad when somebody dies, but make sure you actually tell the whole truth. Instead of just making it seem like a little “disturbance”. Not only that, but he was carrying a loaded gun and had more ammunition into a mall. If he was white you guys would be happy about this, with all the gun control you want.

  15. Avatar

    That cop ain't playing 3 killings in 5 yrs

  16. Avatar

    Realize the difference.thug steals gun and he is a horrible shot.but the horrible shot goes in the direction of someone that is very savvy with weapons and trained very well in hitting his target ..GAME OVER

  17. Avatar

    Fake media does not say that the dude was armed, and shot at the cop first.

  18. Avatar

    Why is a 17 year old walking around with a firearm

  19. Avatar

    USA is the Land of the Free? Not in Trumps USA.

    Ask the First Nations if they think so.

    Ask Blacks when they see Police and Karen.

    Ask Chinese when you laugh and say Chinese Flu. "Enough is enough" Zhang Jun.

  20. Avatar

    Black, brown, tan, white, short, tall, skinny, fat.

    The rest of the world only see People and that's not fake.

    You can still hold the Pinky Power flags up but realise Colonisation is so last century.

    WWII Allies died for king and country.
    Would you or your children die for Wills and Kate?

  21. Avatar

    Feb 1964 – A change is gonna come – Sam Cooke.

    1965 – Color of Man’s Skin 4:41–6:15 – Billy Graham.

    Aug 2017 – Very fine people, on both sides -Trump.

    May 2020 – George Floyd and BLM protests.

  22. Avatar

    If the US is no longer the land of the free,

    are you willing to swap the statue of liberty for a statue of James Cook?

    What about a three for one deal?

  23. Avatar

    Defund the police

  24. Avatar

    We have the media figured out. Their agenda and narrative is obvious this time around.

  25. Avatar

    Media has their orders….their job…push the racial narrative. Encouraged violence by calling the rioters 'peaceful protestors'….and withhold key video evidence so as not to blow the narrative

  26. Avatar

    why do they always say "Black" like Jesus just say a teen

  27. Avatar

    If he hadn't been shooting at the police he would probably still be alive. Imagine that. I hate for anyone to lose their life but if you are gonna be Stupid you gotta be tough and chances are it's not goin to end well anyway

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  29. Avatar

    Black cop shot black guy who shot at him. Thats good police job

  30. Avatar

    Mostly peaceful key word. Wait a minute is that a black cop? Why is BLM protesting. This is confusing.

  31. Avatar

    ABC news is rubbish

  32. Avatar

    Blue lives matter not criminal lives

  33. Avatar

    Omg is this gnna happen everytime a blk gets killed, geez guys lol

  34. Avatar

    Thats exactly wat his ass get he shot at a cop lol n always the black mom o he such a good kid lol aint even wearin the mask right lmao

  35. Avatar

    Back the blue enough of this antifa agenda. To the men and women across America trying to do your job and maintain your composure we salute you.

  36. Avatar

    All these riots and protest are not changing for the better. Businesses destroyed. Innocents stay home from not Corona but all these crazies on the street. Let's reform ourselves. Don't commit a crime big or small. When stopped by police, comply. Don't hide anything, throw an attitude. Now if after all this, and you still get shot….then let's Peaceful protest and vote for our local reps to make the change. Let's be proactive and not reactive. It's simple, follow the rule. Don't victimize others and cry victim when it goes wrong on you. Lets hold ourselves accountable. Last I looked, I was still an American living in the greatest country in the world. Don't ruin this country. We all came here for better life. Dont make this country like the old country we left. The old country pretty scary and no human rights or policing or government assistance housing, food, or medical. Make your decision. Stay here and be responsible. The world really is our oysters. Or move back to where we or our ancestors escaped from. Thank you

  37. Avatar

    black guy here, I feel so sorry for her mom and her loss. But I cannot for the life of me fathom what people are protesting and demanding for. Where is the logic in all of this? Accountability? I just dont get these protests. Raise your kid properly. We should be protesting fatherless homes, protesting the neglect of accountability and common sense, protesting that resisting arrest with a weapon and endangering the life of a cop will forces the cop to use lethal means to defend themselves. I dont get the thinking process in all of this. Its insane. Maybe they're looking for the huge pay out, who knows. Feels sorry for her mother nontheless

  38. Avatar

    somebody slap that bitch talking out her ass on tv

  39. Avatar

    The teen shot at police.

  40. Avatar

    Seriously does nobody listen to the wise words of 2Pac? Maybe that white-washed black officer can learn something from 2Pac. "When blacks kill blacks, we stay trapped and that's real" – 2Pac

  41. Avatar

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    abc is trying to start a race war ,only reporting half a story on the alivn cole death DID NOT report that cole was shooting at police

  43. Avatar

    Black police officer shoots a black guy that waves a gun around = white supremacy?? How?

  44. Avatar

    Lol wtf happend to america

  45. Avatar

    Abc forgot to say he had a gun? Abc is pure evil

  46. Avatar

    With that cops history of violence there is no way he is a fully functional emotionally stable compassionate human being.

  47. Avatar

    Can we remove a few states? Shits getting out of hand riot don’t steal and say you protesting too

  48. Avatar

    its ironic that they showed a picture of him working at mcdonalds

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