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Protesters vow to defy Nigerian curfew in fight against police brutality

Protesters have vowed to continue demonstrating across Nigeria as the country’s most populated city, Lagos, was put under a 24-hour lockdown on Tuesday.
Police have continued to clash with demonstrators protesting against the notorious Sars police unit, now dissolved but long-accused of extra-judicial killings, torture and extortion. 
The government has adopted measures including judicial panels to investigate abuses and compensation for victims, and officials have called for protesters to suspend the demonstrations to give the government time to make good on its pledges
Nigeria protests lead to 24-hour Lagos curfew
Police brutality in Nigeria: what is the #EndSars movement? – video explainer

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    just throw out some chicken bones, lord knows they could use some grub

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    UK needs an uprising now

  3. Avatar

    Several shot die and many in hospitals.. I believe the army should take over the country and restored order.

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    Another takedown and re-upload.
    I swear the Guardian is the worst.

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    It's the great reset. This is nothing about a virus.

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    oh, I thought black lives matter? Oh, only when talking about whites!

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    did you know that the Liberian constitution says that only black people can become citizens

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    2020 just gets weirder. Seems like protests are happening across the whole world. People are fed up with their governments for one reason or the other.

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    Can we do that? Or are white people not allowed to protest?

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    Have the left blamed this on colonialism yet?

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    Passion of the Crust

    With the amount of racists in this comment section I think I know why they took down the original video

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    The President of Nigeria and the Government have ordered the Nigerian Army are shooting at unarmed Youths.
    Where Is the UN?

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    Think they are protesting about lockdown and what’s to come with the COVID vaccine

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    Champagne Style#1

    Yes the whole world should be protesting and standing up against police brutality

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    Freedom tree is watered by blood

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    And I thought it was only white American cops who killed black civilians. 🤔

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    Terrible policing

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    Jonathan Kohanoff

    Am I actually reading all these foolish comments from racist? Shame on you all, Unarmed protesters are currently being killed by a bad government in Nigeria . Lives are lost and all you could say are these disgusting things ?

    Shame on you all. Shame on you

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    when africa becomes self sustaining, doesn't rely on aid or neo colonialism it could become a wonderful place, i think it will experience more growth rate than europe will, but first it must overcome the corruption that neo colonists permitted to thrive there.

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    Look guys that Corona doesn't affect Nigeria just rich countries 🤔

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    Dayyym! Even the black police in a black country don't act like black lives matter. They must be systemically racist as well…

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    These guys I support, not those liberal softies in the US and UK.

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    The bits an pieces Man

    That’s a lot of black folk

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    Read Siege By James Mason

    They aren’t coming to the west.

    Stay where you are we are full !

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