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Protesters, police clash in separate protests in Hong Kong, Minneapolis

Warning: Video my contain content not suitable for all viewers. Discretion advised.

Violent protests have erupted in Minneapolis, Minn., following the death of George Floyd, who died in police custody on Monday after video emerged where he was seen grasping for breath as a police officer kneeled on his neck for almost eight minutes. Jackson Proskow looks at the growing outrage, and the calls for murder charges against the officer involved.

Plus, Beijing has approved a controversial new security law tightening China’s grip on Hong Kong. The move has brought strong reaction abroad – and the strongest protests of the isolation era.

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  1. Avatar

    CHINA: We got room in our belt and road for you too Canada. Might have to give up Nova Scotia or something but we got ya!
    Trudeau: We will continue to voice our concern over the Michaels just as Neville Chamberlain did.

  2. Avatar
    No Name Universe Lover

    This is insane just because he use a counterfeit bills they use force and killed him. There is deffiently racist cops on the rise.

  3. Avatar

    I feel sorry for those small businesses 🙁

  4. Avatar

    This is definitely a result of built up anger, not just for Floyd’s death, but for the racist justice system overall

  5. Avatar

    death to those cops …all cops need that warning

  6. Avatar

    Police aren't here to protect you. That's supreme court ruling right there.

  7. Avatar

    Its not just a race issue but a social class one as well.

  8. Avatar

    Send these murderer 4 cops to Asia for life sentence
    They are gonna learn more about laws in de prisons of Asia ,, hardcore nasty jails ,
    Shame on police department of Minneapolis , 😡😡😡😡😡

  9. Avatar
    Colonialism Invasion

    Western Colonial occupation and war and the destruction of the Middles East.
    And the vilify propaganda of Islam
    Hundreds of years of continuous Western Colonial Occupation and exploitation in Africa.
    Hundreds of Years of Western Colonial Occupation in Asia with War, Oppression, interference.

  10. Avatar

    At least the Americans are protesting over something that actually happened, the chinese on the other hand are just protesting over rumors.

  11. Avatar

    Just more proof that multiculturalism doesn't work. Diversity is a source of tension and conflict.

  12. Avatar

    Hong Kong is not an independent country, Hong Kong is a territory of China.

    China introduce the national security law for their territory is none of foreigner business.

    The five eye interfere with the China domestic affairs !

  13. Avatar

    How stupid Canada is doing, condemning Chinese new security law. So I guess US is writing Canadians Security laws?

  14. Avatar

    Is there a way for Canada to remain neutral like Switzerland in these issues?

  15. Avatar

    You must be a-shame you say they are RIOTER
    When its happening in Hongkong
    You call the FREEDOM FIGHTER
    You are clearly showing DOUBLE STANDARD

  16. Avatar

    Hongkong is no longer British colony
    One country = CHINA
    Two system = China & Hongkong
    The five eye 👁 separatis would like to encourage Hongkong independence

  17. Avatar

    I find both cases are similar in that people are resorting to violence because of injustice. In the case of Hong Kong, the injustice is caused by China and its affiliates in Hong Kong. The law makers have been shown to favor China and the policemen take law as an excuse to oppress protestors and exercise excessive and disproportionate force. I guess we could say injustice can cause violence.

  18. Avatar

    Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones – US vs China.

  19. Avatar

    rise up black life say no to racism

  20. Avatar

    Protest=yes ,but burn businesses that did nothing is ducking stupid

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