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Protesters in Thailand defy government crackdown on pro-democracy demonstrations

Despite emergency measures by Thai authorities banning the gathering of five or more people, thousands have taken to the streets of Bangkok to continue anti-government demonstrations. Protesters are calling for the prime minister, Prayuth Chan-ocha, to resign and for sweeping reforms to the government and the monarchy

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  1. Avatar

    Get out Dictator

  2. Avatar

    Prayuth Get out

  3. Avatar

    Long live the Thai People

  4. Avatar

    Just Trump

  5. Avatar

    What is happening to the world? Frightening times.

  6. Avatar

    Power to the Thai people!!!!!!

  7. Avatar

    Next will be China and Hong Kong will arise again

  8. Avatar

    Long live the Thai People. Respect from the Philippines.

  9. Avatar

    This is beautiful

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    No human is royal.Bring down all royalties.

  11. Avatar

    Long live freedom and democracy!

  12. Avatar

    Thank​ you

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    Governments have turned rogue.

  14. Avatar

    It is time for change power to the people of Thailand

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    Freedom is the sovereign right of every human being

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    Lord Ball-sac the 2nd

    Yeah signs and flags. Don't think you should bring those to future protest. Kinda have to evolve sometime. No flags or car horns. If you want to beat global elites perhaps ?

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    the REPUBLIC of thailand. no more monarchy. no more dictators. the king doesnt even live in thailand.

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    South korea Rigged Election CCP Out

  19. Avatar

    South korea is now under martial law

  20. Avatar

    South korea ' s liberal rulers unleash their inner authoritarians ( the economicst)

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