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Protesters in Hong Kong battle police over extradition bill

Hong Kong police fired pepper spray and tear gas at protesters angry about an extradition bill that would allow people to be sent to mainland China for trial.

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  1. Avatar

    Chinese youth should join Hong Kong protesters. Do it now! ✊

  2. Avatar

    "SUSPECTED CRIMINALS" in HONG KONG??? So let me get this STRAIGHT!!! There are NOOO suspected criminals in china and once Hong Kong is part of china ALL "SUSPECTED" criminals will be gone??? HUH??? What a LOAD of LIES and BULLS**T!!

  3. Avatar

    We should never have given Hong Kong to China.

  4. Avatar

    America will never disarm. Try it and it will be the end of Globalism!

  5. Avatar

    Why are the Chinese so cruel to its own people?

  6. Avatar

    Is there anything is Brits could do to being them back into our fold? Watching this is terrifying and heartbreaking. I can only hope this is the beginning of the death of the Chinese state

  7. Avatar

    The people of Hong kong are fighting for their freedom and now I understand why? Praying for Hong Kong and China.

  8. Avatar

    It must be almost worse to experience freedom and have that taken away rather than not knowing freedom of speech in the first place… I think that Lam is a pawn and she knows it but she has ultimately sold her soul and is disposable to Beijing.

  9. Avatar

    Go on Hong Kong citizens give em what for … power to the people… 👌

  10. Avatar

    Looks like a scene from the movie Akira

  11. Avatar

    Carrie lam and her family deserves to die.

  12. Avatar

    Thank God for the 2nd amendment. If Hong Kong had the 2nd amendment this would be a different story.

  13. Avatar

    The Communist Chinese Party is EVIL… they murdered 40,000,000 + of their own Chinese citizens in the 20th Century……… Destruction to the CCP !

  14. Avatar

    the chinese communist dictator xi will not hesitate to kill his own people. xi is no different from kim jung un.

  15. Avatar

    more young people don't clear his do it for why

  16. Avatar

    She says how is she selling out Hong Kong well most people don’t support the move and your supporting the few not the many that how

  17. Avatar

    The British government should get involved, the Chinese promised they would stay out. They broke their promise, now we brake our's.

  18. Avatar

    Hong Kong dictator
    *Cries crocodile tears*

  19. Avatar

    To steal their organs and depopulate!!!!

  20. Avatar

    Peaceful March demand freedom.

  21. Avatar

    Only wish if HK can go back to UK again, it was so nice then! This is the reason why communists and democrats won’t let people have guns.

  22. Avatar

    Under Socialism and Communism, all is control, full of violence. Both ideologies will not and cannot tolerate freedom and Liberty.
    Who can bargain with demons "Socialism and communism" ???
    Those who admit it is suicide !!!

  23. Avatar


  24. Avatar

    Brave of them. I love that they have the Umbrellas, a symbol of kinship with the people of England. Also a pretty effective anti pepper spray shield.

  25. Avatar

    Britain shouldn’t have left Hong Kong. It’s a shithole now.

  26. Avatar

    Brave young people, each of them. Standing up to communist killers in China.

  27. Avatar

    Carrie Lam is probably the best actress in HK

  28. Avatar

    Fake tears from Carrie Lam at the end, it only she had a taxi to get some toilet paper to wipe her eyes.

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