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Protester calls out looters: There's something wrong with you

Protesters in Minneapolis responded to individuals looting during the nationwide protests, in response to the killing of George Floyd, saying “something is wrong” with them and “it’s not being done in George Floyd’s name.”

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    Once the rioting and looting starts this important message is lost.

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    Леонид М

    Wow! Russian propaganda channel pop-up frame. Now they will tell what a bad country America is.
    racism is very popular in Russia and among Russians in the USA.
    Stop rasism!

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    Forget and destroy

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    Doctor K Beauty

    mask ur mouth please not ur chin disturbing

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    US Army Ranger

    DeRoy Murdock: Fox news commentator just called these young  brave kids that are in the street protesting Mr. Floyd murder "Savages". Mr. Murdock, you realise that these are both "White kids" and their "Black friends" in the street of Minneapolis. He also approves of President Trump request to send in the National Guard to shoot down our Children. What is this for a Black conservatism.   

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    The first looter was a police man

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    And that is what it's all about! Well said that man… I don't get racism, we all bleed the same colour. Those people who are rioting and setting fires are taking advantage of the good people who just want their voices heard and it's heartbreaking. Watching from the UK.

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    Hongkong protestors need to learn to call out the rioters in Hongkong! Asking for freedom is good but we should call out the violence! Stand with Hongkong police!

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    Couldn’t agree with this guy more. Looting is not protesting and completely takes away from the message. Turns a lot of people away from the message and gives the other side fuel

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    There are no shadows hidden behind these protestors hence the protestors are not well organised nor are they supported with equipment unlike the HK protestors who have America's backing.

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    The looting is being done by ANTIFA George Soros organization that pays leftist extremists to infiltrate protests and cause chase thats those protesters get paid by billionaire George soros to perpetuate a race war for financial gain google it and research.

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    The Glove Fit Outlaw

    People are trying to be heard they feel the more damage the more people care and you notice it works

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    How can this idiot suggest that looting is done in George Floyd's name? Idiot!

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    Strong start weak finish

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    I feel the first gentlemens pain. But as a white person I don't feel safe going into a predominantly black neighborhood. Not at all! And I know I'm not alone in feeling this way.

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    Maurice Martin

    Thats antifa burning things.

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    Did he just say that he wants to go into a white neighborhood and feel safe? Oh yes it is much safer in the ghetto with bunch of crack heads then in a quiet white neighborhood.

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    Says the man with makeshift horns on his head…

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    Those who love peace, stay at home. Coronavirus still out there.

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    Ready to move my family… dont want to live here no more

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