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Proposed rail line provides hope in Alberta's oilpatch

The proposed Alaska to Alberta Railway link is expected to deliver critical exports for the Canadian province’s oil sector, and may drive a new transportation corridor from the Alberta oilsands.

Last month, U.S. President Donald Trump announced he was issuing a presidential permit for the project, the first step in the regulatory process on the U.S. side.

As Mike Le Couteur reports, the huge infrastructure project still has a number of hurdles to clear on both sides of the border before it becomes a reality.

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    funny feds didnt know….i knew last year about it and that several ab natives communities have been in talks….and some are stakeholders too…..thats just ab

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    Gary Preikschas-Flaathen

    Make trump pay up front

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    Federalism is cancer that has to be cut out especially when it's gay Liberal democracy.

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    Coffee matters

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    You have to get through the territories between Alberta and Alaska. Good luck with that.

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    Alberta oil most ethical in the world

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    How is it possible we still have Justin Trudeau in government???

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    10:43 has the best πŸ˜πŸ’‹ πŸ’πŸ’–β€οΈ

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    Saw this reported first by Sheila Gunn on Rebel News last week. They don’t get handout money from the government.

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    I don't believe Liberals are even capable anymore to do what's good for the country when it comes to the energy sector β€” the anti-energy ideology is in their blood so much so they will always find excuses not to do it.

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    Without the consent of indigenous people and without the environmental concerns , Canada became a wealthy developed country.

    With a consent of indigenous people and with environmental concern, Canada is going backward. Poor developing country.

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    It's been in the "planning stages" for years, but unable to be built because Trudeau is in office and has destroyed confidence in the Private Sector. Investors pulled out of Canada as soon as Trudeau took office.

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    Hopefully it goes through but i fear our government will screw it up like every other major project that would benefit our economy

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    BC LNG GAS also tanked as soon as Trudeau got into power. Even it would offset ALL of Chinas coal emissions.

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    NO more dirty oil infrastructure build out in Canada. Stop all Canadian coal exports. Transition quickly into clean energies. Climate change is real and will have serious consequences to our quality of life for our children. Time we pay the piper.

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    be a good project but hopefully it goes forward as planned

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    Oh Trudeau doesn't want this country to make money

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    Mayonnaise Cracker

    this would make a lot of people happy

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