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Prime Minister releases new COVID-19 video message

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has released a new video message from his isolation in Downing Street, saying testing is being ‘ramped up’ and that he is “confident” we will beat coronavirus..

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  1. Avatar

    We not go for herd immunity

  2. Avatar

    This guy's hair is Trumpish

  3. Avatar

    Don’t worry he have anti virus from freemason medical center.

  4. Avatar

    Poor sod they locked him in number 10 so fast he didn't even have time to grab a comb

  5. Avatar

    Let's hope he kicks the bucket, most people in the UK are being pushed to the limit…
    I predict a riot!

  6. Avatar

    Turn off 5G and we will be fine

  7. Avatar

    Nuke China

  8. Avatar

    Start tearing down those 5g towers like the Chinese citizens are…

  9. Avatar

    i love the way Boris doesn't give a hoot about his hair! 🙂

  10. Avatar

    There is no actual test for 'covid-19 plandemic' … the test is for the presence of Exosomes, part of the human immune system which can be present in the body for a multitude of reasons. They have renamed exosomes as covid-19 for nefarious globalist reasons.

  11. Avatar

    If I see any more of this dishevelled fool I will surely be endowed with Turd-Immunity.

  12. Avatar

    Yes let's protect the NHS by trimming it to the bone and denying Nurse PayRise Package in 2018. Let's improve Law and Order by cutting 30% of Police Officers . Let's make the poor suffer and become medically vulnerable by bringing benefits down 20% over ten years and making Claimants pay a % of Council Tax.
    Let's create Herd Immunity by letting it spread too long and not test those who are sick.
    Let's all Vote Tory in an act of SELF HARM

  13. Avatar

    I've seen a lot of jerks but this one is taking the cake!

  14. Avatar

    His hair is a mess. He's been taking grooming tips from Jimmy Saville

  15. Avatar
    Courtney Merner

    We all know under the desk is pj bottoms lmao but hope ur all safe

  16. Avatar


  17. Avatar

    Boris’s hair trying to self isolate away from his head….as normal 😂

  18. Avatar

    Asshole Trump

  19. Avatar

    If it was anybody else I’d say he looks rough

  20. Avatar
    Maggie Snow Queen

    Bless him,he's really poorly 😢

  21. Avatar

    Someone get the poor man a tripod “ such technologies “ …

  22. Avatar
    Dinara Resulova.

    What is his hair style?🤔

  23. Avatar

    God help us with the tsunami fast approaching

  24. Avatar

    5g is basically Coronavirus I have done a lot of research on it because 5g came out about when people had got Coronavirus and people are burning down 5g masts and yesterday there was the first time when less people got it and died

  25. Avatar

    In média they say that he keeps spitting and couthing. Doesn't look like. Not to my eyes.

  26. Avatar

    Yes we know we all need to be tested but WHEN WILL IT HAPPEN?

  27. Avatar
    Thomas Livingstone

    Testing testing testing THIS is the EXACT phrase the WHO exclaimed in the beginning but we’re too ‘superior superior superior’to take orders from brownies NAAMEEEN 🤪

  28. Avatar

    Has lost weight…looks terrible

  29. Avatar

    His got the virus himself :/

  30. Avatar


  31. Avatar
    משה ביתן

    Rapid recovery for UK Prime Minister. Wishing from Israel.

  32. Avatar

    Watch this medical Doctor blows C-vi-rus scamdemic wide open.

  33. Avatar

    When will schools open in London.

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