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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, public health officials give update on COVID-19

Trudeau has announced a plan to purchase 76 million doses of a Canadian-made vaccine, and said rapid tests are being deployed to provinces.
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  1. Avatar

    Where do you get your numbers ?You are basing it on a computer data screen, quit messing around with our lives.

  2. Avatar

    11 months of bs and nobody seems to care that are freedom is being taken away from us

    Good job Canada keep going

  3. Avatar

    They really don't know a thing; basing everything on case numbers that don't make any sense, based on a test that isn't even built for testing the virus, and based on a virus that hasn't even had its genome mapped. If they don't acknowledge any of that, they are simply lying.

  4. Avatar

    Trump is living prove we dont need a vaccine because you can get over it with the drug Trump used and he got over it and feels fine.

  5. Avatar


  6. Avatar

    1st place in the G7 for unemployment, 1st in the world for spending money. This is how a real leader looks.😊😊

  7. Avatar

    Look at him all.cleaned up.. and new eyebrows…lol 😆

  8. Avatar

    The numbers go up because you test so much and the tests ring positive because it is picking up other viruses. Quit the scam already, its getting stale and sickening all ready.

  9. Avatar

    WHAT DOES SAUDIA ARABIA HAVE ? ………. Everything , including a SKI MOUNTIAN with a CHINA FLAG FLYING ON IT…. Were gonna make a beautiful WORLD CLASS , SKI DESTINATION OF MUST SEE , MUST GO ! and then like BRITISH COLUMBIA in a snap , YOUR BACK IN THE BEAUTIFUL SUNNY FILLED HOT LAND ! your a sweet kid.

  10. Avatar
    Good Morning Sunday Morning

    The gov's 1976 swine flu vaccines caused paralyzis and daeth in some people.
    (Guillain-Barré Syndrome)

  11. Avatar

    Job done for the government's, no resistance & complete compliance.
    Walk in the park" we are F"d 👍

  12. Avatar

    Trump in his 70's and survived COVID. He also said " it's china's fault , not my fault" 😂​😆​, can u speak to Ms Scam and deal with it 😉

  13. Avatar

    Ok when will be able to get it what year do u think it will be ready

  14. Avatar

    I don't even think we need this.

    Look at Sweden…

  15. Avatar

    Well done by the Liberals and doing their best to keep a Canadian safe well the conservatives f*** around and try and make the opposition look corrupt cuz they have no plan of their own

  16. Avatar
    Good Morning Sunday Morning

    Can someone take the Government of Canada credit card away from JT please?
    We're going to need a credit counselor after all this.

  17. Avatar

    Since there is no reliable test for covid, there is no way to determine if a vaccine would work.

  18. Avatar

    Imagine how much money the government can save by ending all publicly funded funds and tax cuts to all religious organizations in Canada… which would be a good step to separation of church from state.

  19. Avatar

    to all FIRST NATIONS PEOPLE this corrupt prime minister will spend hundreds of millions on a vaccine for the flu but he won't drill fresh water wells, or water treatment plants for your people to end boil water advisories, all first nations need to vote the liberals out whenever this dictator lets us

  20. Avatar

    Nope! Not doing it..

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