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President's physician: Trump no longer a coronavirus transmission risk

President Donald Trump’s physician Dr. Sean Conley announced in a memo that Trump no longer poses a coronavirus transmission risk.

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    Yeah he doesn't have to "quarantine for 2 weeks" for having "the dangerous covid" because THE WHOLE THING HAS BEEN THE SAME JOKE THE ENTIRE TIME FROM THIS LYING NEWS MEDIA GENERATED HOAX.

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    Lots of scared people in the comments.

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    Is his doctor willing to be sued if Trump makes someone sick with Covid19?

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    Cuz he never had it! In my glorious opinion…He lie so much…can't be trusted, his minions either.

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    Like the Doctor had any choice – just like all the other rubbish his Drs have marched out in the past. Think “fittest President ever” right back to bone spurs.

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    If Trump's physician says he is virus free, you can guarantee he is contagious.

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    So Doctor Sean sent out a memo this time…yeah..hard to ask questions to a piece of paper. Perhaps Dr Sean got burnt out by his moment of great importance in the sun.

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    Friendly reminder that Kyle Rittenhouse was defending himself and will have his charges dropped. TRUMP 2020

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    I'm sure you liberals were hoping he would die….sorry!….😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

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    I can tell by the ‘thumbs down’ that CNN has the honest unbiased truth!!! Lol

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    I mailed my absentee ballot just yesterday. It's past time to vote this abomination out of office. Conley shouldn't be allowed to use the title Dr.

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    This is not the America that I know of…….this cast doubt on professionalism and ehtic of American doctor.

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    scentless apprentice

    Why do people automatically assume that its more advantageous for people like me to lie to them then it is for a career power hungry politician? Trump passed real criminal justice reform while simultaneously undoing what Biden's 94 crime bill lead to which was mass incarceration of Americans without habeus corpus. Or the fact that he's kept us out of more endless wars and all while striking peace deals with the middle east. Or him enacting USMCA and finally getting rid of NAFTA and PCA which were both horrible for the taxpayer and the country. Our economy, before covid came in from China, was the best its been since before the first great depression. The guy has condemned white supremacy and fringe groups of the like more then any other sitting president has in history. He's enacted, while Congress was using the American people as pawns on a chess board, executive actions benefiting many Americans extending unemployment stimulus and moretoreums on evictions. All whilst taking 1 single dollar for tax purposes of his presidential salary. Yet msm and the career politicians who are power starved tell you he's a xenophobic racist who only 3 years ago they said was going to have us nuked by now. Why do you think I'm lying to you. What is in it for me? Im just like you after all. Just a citizen. We are more alike and have more in common then you do with any politician trying to extort you emotionally using "identity politics". There's nothing in it for me. Joe's own vp suggested he was racist. Its a well known fact he opposed bussing and supported segregation. Its a known fact he extorted an entire country holding millions of aid hostage while he made sure they fired they're chief prosecutor looking into his sons illegal business dealings with a company he had zero actual merit based credentials for. It's literally on video. Don't take my word for it but please don't for one second think its advantageous for me to lie to you or that you have more in common with politicians who have been in office longer then we've been alive. Stay safe and vote in person if you can.

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    These is actually good news.

    United States dont want their president to be cured is fucked up.

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    am I watching "The Moron Channel"?

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    I think trump's doctor has already proven he is willing to lie for trump!

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    It is horrible fake… my sister took a month to get negative results 🤦🏻‍♀️

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    Of course he's not, because he NEVER had the Virus to begin with.

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    I have a feeling covid has made a believer out of Trump yet. He trying to do all this rallies on the steroids it going to catch up with him. And it won't be pretty.

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    I though CNN doctors just yesterday said Trump looked sick. Lol. On to the FLA rallies try to keep up

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    Yeah, I don't buy it. Donnie's not contagious like Uranium isn't radioactive.

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    Lie's,. Lie's, All lie's!!!!!!!

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    So when will Trump produce a negative test?

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    The president is Negative and CNN are Positive for being liars always.

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    Trump has got to go. All the BS that surrounds him every day to just boosts his ego is killing America.

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