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President's aide Stephen Miller tests positive for coronavirus

Amid virus concerns, there will be plexiglass barriers between the candidates at Wednesday’s vice presidential debate. ABC’s Kenneth Moton reports.


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    I'm getting a good laugh out of it, so ridiculous they were all having a teen like party at the white house.

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    An airliner 911 was Democrat’s

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    GREAT NEWS ! Trump and his sewer rats infected from Super Spreader TRUMP

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    Thank you to all the rioters and peacefull protesters for spreading the covid for months all over America!

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    Trump: "211000 Americans Dead, 7.5M Infected, It is what It is. Great Progress Made. Time to nuke the stimulus in exchange for votes, while underplaying the virus. I'm the Corona super spreader!"

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    Steve "hendrich himmler" miller put him a cage👍

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    The Trump Administration is a glorious camaraderie of idiocy.

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    Isolate him in a dog kennel, on cold concrete, with a mylar blanket, no food or sanitation. Cruel? You bet!

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    I am soooo sorry for that virus. Hope it gets well soon .

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    I thought Miller was already dead. Just look at him. Does miller count as alive? Weird!

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    Tiger Lotus Oniyuri

    Covid-Trump, COVID-Trump go away, NEVER EVER come back another day!!! An irresponsible 🐀 Trump!!!

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    Tyler Matthew Harris

    He looks like the rich guys goon who gets eaten in the first 30 minutes of an upcoming Jurassic Park movie

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    Support Legislation in the United States to END COURT ORDERED RAPE

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    My condolences to the virus – covid that is.

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    He is douche bag that Steven guy he creeps me out

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    I heard that animals could get it. I now see that it's true.

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    Dr. Steven Clark Bradley PhD.


    Donald Trump has done more for African American and Latino voters than any president in my lifetime. Yet, Democrats are using the ‘RACE CARD’ against him nearly every day, in everything they say. Donald J. Trump has sought out amazing ways to help those who were imprisoned and left without hope or options in their lives, due to Joe Biden’s vicious and racist anti-Crime bill, of the 1990’s.

    President Trump has given amazing examples of his determination to better the lives of those who were impacted by Joe Biden’s and the Democrat-Socialist Party’s racist agenda. From prison reform to seeking to help inner-city opportunity zones, for which he has worked closely, with Tim Scott, an African-American Republican Senator from South Carolina, President Trump has demonstrated that he is determined to end the barriers and limits on Black Americans that Democrat politicians, like Joe Biden, enforced for decades.

    Joe Biden calls America’s very compassionate President, Donald J. Trump, a racist every day. However, when Biden’s record is brought to light, which this expose will accomplish, it is abundantly clear that, throughout his 47-year long political career, Joe Biden worked with, befriended and allied himself with, literally, some of America’s most infamous, outspoken and worst racists and segregationists in American history.

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    Joe Biden tries to portray himself as some kind of messiah, for minorities. Yet Biden reveals himself as the devil, himself, when we look into his past and learn that he worked with his fellow segregationist allies, such as James Eastland, Strom Thurmond, and Robert Byrd, to zero in on black men, while calling them ‘Predators’ and later called ‘Super Predators’ by Hillary Clinton.

    The Democrat-Socialists and Joe Biden specifically call President Trump a racist so often because they know that the president is a grave threat to their decades-long voting coalition.

    Through Donald J. Trump’s policies, doors and opportunities have opened to blacks that the Democrat-Socialists had locked shut to minorities, in the past.

    Democrat-Socialists, and their nominees, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, know they have no policies that really work or that create a fairer and equitable world for African Americans and other marginalized minorities.

    The charge of racism is the last stronghold of political cutthroats. They have no policies or desire to raise the standard of living for African Americans. They do not care about making minority neighborhoods safer or more prosperous.

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    America – Now you know – America – What will you do?

    Dr. Steven Clark Bradley PhD


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    This would be the time to strike. God have mercy on the USA.

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    Michele Drummond

    24 Repukecans

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    Mr. Q himself (Miller) has the rona, he's clearly "unclean" now.

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    Stephen Miller is the coronavirus

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    Liberty Doctrine


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    THAT is a REALLY brave COVID virus…attacking monstrous Stephen Miller.
    EVERY cell in Stephen Miller's body is filled with toxic fluids, acid or poison. Miller's kind of like the monster in "Alien"…you don't dare puncture his skin because of what is contained inside of him.😏

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    Next is hopefully McConnell & then Lindsey Graham… Covid saving America from one Republican at a time

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    The ‘Rona finally got the wannabe Joseph Goebbels. THIS is the one I’m waiting for! (I bet he NAZI that coming! 🤣🤣🤣)

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    The Third Eye. The Pyramids.

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    For more Secrets Revealed publicly, Vote Trump!!!

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    POS deserves it.

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    Stephen Miller is a true racist!

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    #ItsMillerTime 🍻

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    Esperanza J Creeger

    The MSM lie machine will have to deal with the backlash re: TheBug-19. Crimes Against Humanity Class-Action Lawsuit

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    The bat that supposedly started the virus has come home from China!! Looks like he had a bloody good time.

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    ya allah plz forgive me stop watching this.

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    The doctor ordered garlic and sunlight for Stephen Miller.

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    #Norona #Novid-19 #youallfools

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    Margarita Sutherland

    All of theme can go to hell🦠🤮🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️☠️💀

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    Enough is enough. Please get lost. I do not forgive Trump killed over 210, 000 American people so far, and also I do not forget Trump did not pay Federal Taxes.

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