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President Trump says no to virtual presidential debate

And both vice presidential candidates dodged questions on key issues like packing the court and Roe v. Wade.

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    Nobody wants to see two people Skype.

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    Oh yeah. Do you love me? 😍💋 💝💖❤️

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    Dude non verbal communication is the biggest part. I fell in love with some girl once on the basis of saying hi and asking her out a few times. It didn't pan out but and she blew me a kiss once but cmon man. Give me a break here.

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    Helena Blair Yasmin Gilbert

    Awesome 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

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    Only a cheater wants a virtual debate.

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    Americans u now still have choice so PLEASE do your part to save the world from the Communism, or just to save your freedom, PLEASE vote for THE REPUBLICANS PARTY!!!!
    The Republicans WIN Communism LOSE !!

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    Kamala Harris used her serpent tactics in a wrong man.

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    Contact me if you want to be my Boyfriend 😍💋 💝💖❤️

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    Trump is a 🐓

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    Control freak. As usual, downplaying the gravity of the Covid virus by refusing to participate in a virtual debate.

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    Amerigrama andfree

    Of course we can't trust a virtual debate. The first one was such a ludicrous sham with a very biased moderator asking condescendining, rhetorical, incendiary questions of the sitting President.- Extreme disrespect and so wrong. A virtual debate will not be trusted because everyone already knows Hiden uses teleprompters and earpieces. The President wants to be able to look Hiden in the eyes when Hiden spews lies about him.

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    This is so fucking surreal… hahahha… this guy is fucktup in his mind🤣🤣

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    Tomorrow is Taiwan's National Day. Don't forget to wish Taiwan 🇹🇼

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    Trump's favorite line, according to several people who have written books about this administration, is "Putin doesn't have to put up with this s..t" Yea, donny boy, that's right. And neither did Brezhnev or Stalin or Hitler or Kim Jung Un. That's what makes us better than they are, you stupid ignorant slob. We are not a frickin' dictatorship like Russia or North Korea. We are a democracy. So suck it up you crybaby, stop playing the victim and start acting like a man!!

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    Dudeacious Monstrosity

    I suspect that Trump is afraid of some virtual fly landing on his virtual head, somehow affecting his virtual chances of re-election.

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    Brilliant strategy for the candidate who is far behind in the election to refuse to debate.

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    I would prefer a live fist to cuffs dual behind the gym like Biden promised years ago and when Crohns Biden is on the ground looking up Trump needs to lay a lugi in his eye.

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    Alejandro Antonio

    Undecided voter here: there is clearly a health concern at stake here. So how about a compromise? Could we have a setup in one secure building where two rooms are prepared for each candidate, the rooms are chosen last minute by a random process (heads or tails, something similar and simple that is determined LAST MINUTE), so that we still have a debate? You minimize health risk to everyone, and you minimize cheating as well, since no room is prepared to favor anyone beforehand. Would this be a fair option?

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    Oh! What a shame: we are going to miss this extremely young and perfect physical specimen so much ☺

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    He won't do a virtual debate, but he can call in to Rush?!

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    Only a ROTTEN DemonRAT would attempt to change the format of a Debate, to RIG the system. The America people want a Legit Debate, no gimmicks, no cheating & no lies. We should have 6 people, as Fact Checkers, to keep everyone straight. At the pauses, when between issues are complete, The fact checkers have their turn.

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    Harris was strong on everything she was the man and she was cool collective while he was out there just singing all day long good for you Harris you're the man!!!!!

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    Pence is a Yes Man for Trump that's all he is and he believes everything Trump says and does he's just a Yes Man for Trump that's all and he don't want to go nowhere because he's going to miss that monthly payment that he gets that is so huge and gigantic!!!!!

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    Trump needs to get used to virtual meetings. Soon that's the only way he will be communicating from behind bars.

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    Opt out ? But has everyone else going thru this virtual and wearing a mask protocol. Haha what a president @donaldtrump

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    Shadow banned by YouTube! I was unable to upload this! I received "An unkown error"! I just texted the Debate Commission at their number 202-872-1020 the following "I just found out that the 2nd Presidential Debate has been changed to a virtual debate despite President Trump's doctor clearing him for an in-person debate. As a voter, I am personally harmed by your decision to do this if it transpires. Humbly undo and correct this wrong decision as quickly as possible. I appreciate ahead of time your prompt action in regards to my concerns and in restoring my faith in fairness and right. Do not proceed with a virtual a debate.
    I first tried to call and talk with someone, but it bounced to Voicemail but was full.

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    How does commission of a left wing partisans determine whether we have a debate that will educate the electorate?

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    Vincent Dominic Samulde

    Cancelled debate means Trump WINS! YESSS! Trump 2020!!!

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    Ofcourse no virtual debate, we can put trump on glass cage and he still can interrupt biden, LOL

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    I can’t blame Trump for refusing a virtual debate. The only reason Biden wants this is so he doesn’t have to wear an earpiece this time. All his advisors will be with him to tell him what to say. What a waste of human flesh. 🇺🇸Trump 2020🇺🇸KAG

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    Biden won’t debate in person lol. They really are going to carry this guy across the finish line aren’t they.

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    Trump refuses to attend virtual debate:
    Biden: C'mon man, bring it on.
    Trump: Meow.

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    They should have the debate regardless… Biden can still answer all the questions
    If Trump doesn't show up…his loss…he has to face the consequences for his inmature behaviour…

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    Debate cancelled. Trump wins 2020
    Sleepy joe can go back to basement

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    So shameful-this just proves the Power of Propaganda. Media fills viewers with hatred for the past 4 years, 24/7, 7 days a week. Once consumed with hatred, the unacceptable becomes acceptable-like no debates; debates that are 'staged'; 'gaffes' that clearly show Biden is not well; not answering about court packing-which is a major concern as if courts are packed the Left can literally undo our Constitution (Google Poland right now); the 25th amendment criteria that is now being requested-so if elected official is deemed 'unwell' by a panel chosen by corrupt individuals-that elected individual can be pulled from office-. None of this is questioned-just so unfortunate. Anyone not believing this-just take 1 week off of media, visit the online Holocaust Museum and examine what occurred 10 years prior to WWII-it will explain 2020.

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    haha didn't half see that coming. What a coward. To afraid he would get his ass kicked for looking like a jack ass that got infected due to his own inaction.

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