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President Trump says he is 'starting to feel good' but next few days will be the 'real test'

Donald Trump has said he is starting to feel “much better” but the next few days will be “the real test” of his treatment for COVID-19.

In a video posted during his stay in hospital near Washington DC, the US president said that he was “starting to feel good” and was looking forward to “finishing up the (election) campaign the way it was started”.

Speaking from his room at Walter Reed Military Hospital in Maryland, a tired-looking Mr Trump said: “I came here, wasn’t feeling so well, I feel much better now.”

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  1. Avatar

    All the best to mr and mrs trump god bless 🙏

  2. Avatar

    Still not a good actor; but we'll believe!

  3. Avatar

    I'm not a Trump supporter. Or a Biden supporter. But I don't wish death on either of them. I hope he gets better.

  4. Avatar

    Drink disinfectant dude

  5. Avatar

    I want him to get better so he has to stand trial. What he's done needs to be exposed in a court of law, he doesn't get out of this that easy

  6. Avatar

    As Catherine Tate would say, What A F##king Liberty

  7. Avatar

    He needs 5 dried grams in silent darkness 😂

  8. Avatar

    Hes on a boat. Watch the background. Its goin up and down

  9. Avatar

    The camera keeps moving up and down like he's on a boat

  10. Avatar

    Looks fine to me just without the makeup

  11. Avatar

    "She's a little bit younger than me, just a little tiny bit."

    24 years younger isn't a "little tiny bit".

  12. Avatar

    Best wishes-however at this same time he is suing to get rid of the entire AFFORDABLE CARE ACT-go Biden to save it

  13. Avatar

    Meanwhile, American citizens are wishing death on their own president and do not wish the land of 2 eagles to endure another moment of this "MIRACLE ". Our founding principles have been pissed on by this camp. I watched the Sitting PRESIDENT hand out COVID at his own rally. He handed out t-shirts, hats and signs ALL AFTER HE KNEW HE WAS POSITIVE. He is the first president to knowingly spread plague on his constituents.

  14. Avatar

    The hardest part of Trumps confinement at Walter Reed is the lost of personal care service, specifically the $70K a year hair stylist. His disheveled look, totally at odds with a man obsessed with his looks, is proof positive that his
    test came out positive. Now he won't be able to write off the full $70K as business expense. Or will he?

  15. Avatar

    He should take some disinfectant
    That will bring him back lol

  16. Avatar

    I'm watching this in a state of incredulity.
    This speech really shows what a megalomaniac he is and how delusional.
    Stating that his wife is only slightly younger than him when she's 24 years younger!
    That comment alone shows what a warped perception of reality he has.
    Now he's making himself out to be a hero by aiming to recover from this virus.
    Haven't heard him previously refer to all those who have succumbed or survived this virus in a similar way.
    The ego of this man is unquantifiable!

    For those who automatically are going to assume that I support the Democratic party or Biden, I'm not American and haven't really got much opinion of either party.

  17. Avatar

    Not American but hope he wins.

  18. Avatar
    Evangeline Garcia

    Awesome 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

  19. Avatar

    Well wishes too the leader of the free world… The warmongering race baiter Democrats must never win…

  20. Avatar

    Is it wrong to hope that nature hurries up and finishes the job. Nero-Trump-Manson and his cowardly Countess Melania are treasonous cowards. They deserve everything that has happened to them in regards of Coronavirus.

  21. Avatar

    Trump will live. He has the best socialist medicine the working class and poor pay for.
    Remember, socialism rescues the upper-class of capitalism every 7 to 10 years.

  22. Avatar

    Yep, the term "as dumb as a box of rocks" will now be changed to,
    "As dumb as a house of Trump's."
    Enjoy. 😜
    Kakistocracy, a government ran by the worst, least qualified, most unscrupulous citizens.
    I never heard a truer definition for Trump's Hitler Mouse Club Administration.😜

  23. Avatar

    FAKE NEWS people 😃

  24. Avatar

    lefties and trump haters are so dumb i swear. anyone who follows him and has done some critical research knows that this is set up, he purposely did this for a reason, hes not sick.


  25. Avatar

    The bleach really worked – he lost his orange 🍊 ting ..

  26. Avatar

    He actually said coronavirus

  27. Avatar

    Feel better, Mr. President 🙏🙏

  28. Avatar

    Oh really ! This is the same guy who months ago hid in a bunker now claiming he couldn’t be locked up in in a room upstairs in the White House ?

  29. Avatar

    99.7% recovery rate. Just like any flu. Good to go.

  30. Avatar

    He is a lying sack of bullshit, so nothing he is saying is reliable. He should take his idiotic hydroxychloroquine, bleach injections, schizoid pseudoscience crap he has been expounding to the public that has killed 210000 people so far. Idiot.

  31. Avatar

    The background is moving, look very closely, on a ship?????

  32. Avatar

    No need to listen to the fake news when he provides his own updates.. hope he and Melania recover. I wouldn't wish I'll on anybody ..

  33. Avatar

    1:04 ???????? Look at trumps face he pulls was he going to be sick or cough

  34. Avatar


  35. Avatar

    Give him a tracheotomy

  36. Avatar

    Please give him a tracheotomy

  37. Avatar


  38. Avatar

    That was a quick recovery 🤣

  39. Avatar

    People please stop praying for him, your wasting your time. If there is a god, then surly it was him/her that put the virus on earth. 😂🤣😂🤣

  40. Avatar

    weird to see him without his signature red tie

  41. Avatar

    Boris Johnson, his twin, recovered in 7 days. Not a real threat is it? This p a n d e m i c.

  42. Avatar

    trump states he will return to work tomorrow (Monday)…… wow wot a trooper

  43. Avatar

    Don't take ANY vaccine or rfid microchip implant, quantum dot ID with vaccines, biometric electronic tattoo mark of the beast system Rev 13:14-18

  44. Avatar

    No coughing no shortness of breath . Are we buttoned up the back to believe this guy had coronavirus. Bs

  45. Avatar

    How come The Donald used wikileaks leak about PODESTA, against Clinton (pre-election), but now the Americans want Assange locked up for ever ?

  46. Avatar

    Very nice 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

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