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President Trump repeatedly mocks Sen. Kamala Harris

President Donald Trump has repeatedly mocked Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris during his rallies and has used her gender against her. CNN’s Anderson Cooper sat with Rep. Shelia Jackson Lee to discuss.

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    The high school bullies really want him to win. Trump has made bullying popular again. We must stop this madness and bring back compassion and understanding. I am so sad how so many are allowing this to happen.

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    Time for words is done, time for action is now!

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    Trump what are you doing for the people during this pandemic. Only thing you do is make fun of people. Its time we the pelple stand up and vote you all out

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    She is socialist! 😡

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    I was a CNN fan for many decades. As of now, CNN rank and status are horrible. Why? the answer is that American have spirits of honesty and fairness. CNN must come back to the spirit of America. The CEO should resign at once, and I want to see the reporters' great spirits I have respected for decades.

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    The new SCOTUS can be impeached if liberals take both houses, Justice Kavanaugh can also be impeached.

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    Ka ma la Harris sucks !!

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    What a huge difference from him being in his rallies with all his delusional and brainwashed FOLLOWERS vs 60 minutes interview " why did you say Lesley are you ready for the tough questions, you don't ask biden that" lolol
    In his rallies he knows who his Ignorant followers are, that's where he knows he can treat them as such. Bunch of idiot's praising a man that clearly HATES them all! 😂🤣😂🤣

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    Biden: America, I got it wrong years ago let me fix it.
    Trump: Vote for me, what do you have to lose?

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    Thetruthhurts Thetruthhurts

    Trump only knows how to attack people and make up pure lies on them without receipts 🧾 he says anything dumb and his followers believe him regardless when the truth is written on the wall

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    Is this civilised and developed world…???
    A bullying president🤬🤬

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    Omg!!! That’s rayciss and sexciss!!

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    Hey cnn joe Biden himself said he’s running against George George lmao

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    The disgusting Russian Puppet —Must GO

    What a repugnant moron the Cheeto is!!! Scare sh!tless of strong woman!!!

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    Trump virus serial killer is on the rampage killing more Americans

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    Christopher Weekes

    he talking to after the election

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    Kamala will push the New world Order. It's just how she rolls

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    Oh BTW …. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HILLARY ………………….. Never gonna be President 🙂 Congratulations to Amy Cony Barret <3 And congratulations Mr.Trump

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    Why can’t Americans voting for Trump recognize his bullying? If anyone has children watching this administration, what do his supporters say to their kids? What do moms say to their daughters? How he degrades women, and belittles anyone in his way. What do they say to them, when they vote for him?

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    How did America got it so wrong? how the hell did we put this MAN-child as our president? And then he has all these grown ass man and women wear there maga hats and face mask cheering him on, is this still America?

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    We Black Americans feel the same abt KAHMALA, she is not Black(African) American but Indian American. Rep Jackson Lee is a anchor baby just like KAHMALA, so of course she will lie abt Harris lineage and despicable history as AG and Senator in California. California is a fail state for poor ppl especially Black Americans. Since the Democratic havent done anything for us nor have they put Reparations on their agenda, Trump will win a second term, cause we aint voting for Harris and Biden. Rep Jackson Lee should be ashamed, up here lying for Harris after she clearly stated, shes not doing anything for Black Americans.

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    REGARDLESS of your opinions, MSM including this network Love to see the division they help to grow each day. We are smart enough to know right from wrong and respectful enough (hopefully) to fall for it and help spread it. Just go and Vote

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    What else do you expect from a corrupt mental person like dum donald.

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    Charlottesville is just a lie. It was debunked a long time ago – https://youtu.be/iWJMJI1O2qc

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    Biden is a weak fragile old man who is being used as a Trojan Horse for the radical left. He won’t last 6 months before he abdicates and then Harris takes over to begin a radical change for the Democratic Party. You will see full blown Anarchy and then Race Wars under Harris. God help us all….

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    But…but…he's the least racist person ever!

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    Really? Oh you mean after you bail out corporations, and stick us with paying their taxes.. writing laws so you can benefit and live off of taxpayers, but not the ones who pay for your lifestyle…

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    I'm tired of watching this circus!
    Please, someone show this orange clown where the door is.

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    CNN Mocks Trump 24/7… True.

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    Well she does deserve to be mocked… So good job President Trump!

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    F#$k that!

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    We rather have a socialist female President than a selfish, lying, corrupted and dictator Trump.

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    Kamala is a Corp. Dem.

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    I must admit, I wanted to have someone else running against the President. But I realized that it's not about what I want, but what we need. In giving my vote to Biden I'm thinking of the working poor and of the middle class that is also living hand to mouth. For my friend who thought that he may have a blood clot in his leg but who waited for a whole month to see a doctor because even though he has insurance, good insurance, he didn't have the $140 to see his doctor. For my other friend who was always so vital until he started to lose weight all of the sudden, whose dreams are on hold because you can't both have your dreams and afford to see a specialist. For my mother, who has since passed, who went to work sick more often than not, and who had a heart attack when she couldn't afford her thyroid medication, all so that we could have alife that she never lived to enjoy. After my mother, my mind goes most rapidly to the friend with a potential blood clot, his description of what he was experiencing, that he could feel the blood pushing past the clot and about waking to anxiety attacks which he thought was the clot finally breaking loose and reaching his brain. And why? So that a billionaire can have a home in every major city? No. As far as I'm concerned, this has got to end. The rich will still be rich, but the abject nature of existing in this country?, I'm done with that. Even if it means I have to pay more in taxes, and I pay alot, it has got to end.

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    omg so sad, trump acting like a kid

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    How come everyone forgets to mention the Central Park 5?

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    Amen girlfriend

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    We are not going to have a Dictator President dum donald

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    The last time Dems were so angry was when republican ended slavary.

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    I don't understand why people still get upset with trump when he talks about what other people say and do of course he doesn't understand them or agree because it's an old saying Words of the wise man offen sound strange to a fool..So never expect anything else from him.

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    MAINSTREAM MEDIA IS BETRAYING THE TRUST OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE and the American People will never forget nor forgive that betrayal. With each passing day, mainstream media is doing irreparable harm to what remains of their near non-existent credibility. While our media’s ethics and journalistic integrity has been in decline for some time, their decision to intentionally mislead the public about Joe Biden’s corruption takes their malfeasance to new level. The media’s casual dismissal of a mountain of evidence determined credible by their more conservative counterparts (Wall Street Journal, New York Post, etc.) as simply Russian misinformation without any evidence is unforgivable.

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    Kamala Harris is a communist

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    Trump will get a piece of his own medicine when the DAs office from NY will have him arrested. Hope to see Harris plays a role on his arrest.

    Harris for 4-12 yrs!

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    What does he mean"specialy female" he doesn't know what he is talking about females i feel sorry about his daughters. With no doubt this president has a mental problem.

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    US I think no well politician at the moment both trump and biden not fit to be president of America

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