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President Trump rejects ‘virtual’ presidential debate amid COVID-19 battle | WNT

The president said a virtual event is “a waste of time” and his team suggested pushing back the debates. The Biden campaign is continuing to push for a virtual debate.




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  1. Avatar

    Coe vid up date!

  2. Avatar

    Im in great shape for a debate in person is that what trump meant . with masks and precautions you change the rules every second now a different commentator cause the new one is pro biden easy questions as well just found out he said he waw hacked lol

  3. Avatar

    Right, mr. pence. ..feed us more bullshit like Trump did then take all efforts to block those who work hard from getting food stamps (i.e. THERE GOES YOUR PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS) or even standing a chance against bully/shitty ass companies full of petty ass employees who are supposed to be more knowledgeable than me 😏 he just wasted my damn ass tie!

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    People are saying trump caught chlamydia from his press secretary! He could of gotten himself sick by sniffing Ivankas soiled panties..That I can believe! Why all the different stories coming out of the mouth of personal doctor.(another known liar). It's because it's all a lie!!! He's making you reporters look stupid! Wake up! I repeat " Trump has no virus!!! Are you reporters that gullible??? Your being driven by the same clown that thought he was once a movie star that he wasn't! No better at acting as he was a business man!!! The whole world is falling into insanity believing anything these republicans say!!! Don't worry I won't say I told you so just like I said in 2015 that trump would be a danger to this country and the American people….

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    Why in the world do so many people want to go back to career politicians who have, and will sell the United States out to the highest bidder?; ie China. The left wants you to "look at Russia, look at Russia", I am telling ya, you better be looking at China.
    Think for a second, you think China wants rid of Trump? you better believe it. Now go back 10 months, the US economy was doing better than anyone (Obama) ever thought possible, unemployment was low for all, and at a all time low for minorities, pretty good for a racist huh? Now be honest, not one person in this country, at that time, was going to beat Trump in the upcoming election. All of a sudden, Covid virus pops up, from China, and well, you know the rest. think about it, do the math.

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    The virtual debate is to protect the puppet biden from another blistering loss.

  7. Avatar

    NO THE HELL YOU DONT.. STOP POISING PEOPLES THAT YOU. BE AROUND. Think about OTHERS for a change stop being a ass…..do you have compassion????? I bet you don't. Stop being an ass…

  8. Avatar

    Trump himself is a joke

  9. Avatar

    Um, dude you have covid19 cooties!

  10. Avatar

    He will blame this virtual debate when he loses.

  11. Avatar

    Mexicans for Trump. We are tired of the racists white liberals

  12. Avatar

    Trump knew he had Covid before the debate and tried biological warfare on Vice President Biden this is a very serious crime attempted murder.

  13. Avatar

    It’s not all about you You are a thought less self absorbed jerk. Trump

  14. Avatar

    He wants a twitter fight 🤣

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    This music will lift your spirits.https://youtu.be/EMe32Y4jWCc

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    I remember President Trump requesting Ford/GM to build ventilators while the Congress was on recess. Am I wrong?

  17. Avatar

    Oh so it's all about him, he's strong and in great shape is what matters. What about other people, did it occur it's not all about him but other people's health and well being is at stake here especially high risks groups like Biden's age

  18. Avatar

    ABC remember MSNBC took Biden supporters and called them undecided voters. Hope to see your version in this town hall. Pathetic

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    Well as long as trump is 6 feet apart its ok according to the “science”

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    Just more proof that Ole #BoneSpur is a 🐔 💩

  22. Avatar

    Show ur taxes 🐔 💩

  23. Avatar

    Who is Vera Coking ??

  24. Avatar

    What normal person would debate Biden virtually. Democrats are sick. Debate Commission take last Stage Coach home

  25. Avatar

    Review how vicious Biden treated Paul Ryan in debate Pauly was embarrassed his time was talked over. TRUMP was not having it.

  26. Avatar

    Well during a virtual debate, he could be muted

  27. Avatar

    Any more debates are totally useless and unnecessary. We already know given past debates how Trumps will sabotage yet one more debate. Sabotage worked for him in 2016. That was before we knew the disorder in his debate skills would be a precursor to his administration.

  28. Avatar

    This man will kill us all with his stupidity.

  29. Avatar

    It's not about you! Trump you are so stupid.

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    I wish that people would have listened to Dr felchy and wear a mask if you don't have one put a scarf around your face please everyone stay safe cause Covid-19 is no joke I watch the news and they say how many have the Covid-19 and how many people lost their lives to this. President Trump really needs to do better and wear a mask himself

  31. Avatar

    If you still believe this incompetent clown has or had COVID, you’re delusional and ignorant. I called it immediately, as did thousands of other people. This is a ploy to avoid debating because it went so terribly.

  32. Avatar

    Pushing the False Narrative I see

  33. Avatar

    Trump was never sick. He used and made up all this sickenes to distract us from his tax issues.

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