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President Trump, Pence downplay COVID-19 as Election Day nears | WNT

Vice President Mike Pence thinks a plexiglass barrier at the vice presidential debate is unnecessary. Joe Biden suggested President Trump should take responsibility for getting COVID-19.




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    They are absolutely disgusting. I had covid and I had a really hard time with it. Trump was admitted to a HOSPITAL AND PUMPED WITH DRUGS!!!! the rest of us fucking mortals had to tough out the symptoms! HELLO!!!!!!

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    Pence needs to be in quarantine, not on a debate stage. These people think they are SOOOO important!

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    I would really like to know who's pulling the strings of the media. Don't really hate the Democrats, they've got the market cornered on hate, so I can't hate them it's not their fault they're just too blind to see. Blinded by hate of America. For what it is Dems, you can make it better but not with Biden as your president, that'll make it worse than it's ever been…

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    Adolf Eichmann spoke inside a glass booth during the Nuremberg trials. Pence knows he’ll become a meme if he does the same.

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    Pence: I want to spread the virus like Trump.

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    ? If the coronavirus is breaking out
    So bad at the White House why just
    The Republicans

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    Rishikesh Panicker

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    KAMALA HARRIS, please do what is right to keep yourself safe and well. We need you and Mr Joe Biden to help us VOTE OUT donald trump !
    BIDEN/HARRIS 2020🇺🇸🙏

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    I want to know what Biden's secret sauce is for handling covid nationwide. He has to have some secret science.

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    Heels up might see some WAP

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    Crimes against humanity

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    Hey, Mr. White Bread — enough fucking grandstanding by you and The Bunker Coward for your ignorant Lowest Common Denominators!

    You keep up with your Alice In Wonderland persona (no doubt enhanced by licking The Mushroom for 4 years) and Harris will eat your breakfast, lunch and dinner all in less than 2 hours.

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    Her life depends on it. Trump will destroy the Democrates

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    How true are these COVID numbers? How harassed were these people by Biden to fudge the numbers???

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    ronald labranche

    Once again the Trump administration is showing the insanity of their responses to the coronavirus pandemic !!!! Now Pence is continuing to show that he , Trump and Trump's administration are still denying the fact of how contagious , lethal and dangerous the coronavirus truly is in fact !!! There are 12 to 16 of Trump's top staff members who have been infected and are isolating themselves at home. We are hearing everyday about another top staffer being infected and them , their wives and families having to isolate themselves !!!! Even top generals of the military have been infected and are isolating also !!! All these people got infected at Trump speeches at the white house and at the Trump rallies . And now we know that many of Trump's supporters have been infect also from being shoulder to shoulder to each other and not wearing masks !!!! How thick and moronic are Trump and Pence to continue acting like everything is OK and great in the white house and through out the country. With 12 to 16 top staffers who have been infected with the coronavirus and more every passing day. Now idiot Pence is arguing about how far the debaters have to be from each other and finds 12 feet apart from each other is too much distance between them !! ??? !! And is not accepting that a plastic barrier be placed near them to protect the debaters from each other getting infected !! ??? !! Pence is absolutely as bad as KILLER Trump on doing everything they possibly can to protect themselves and everyone in the country against the coronavirus pandemic !!!!!! You swear they are doing everything under the sun to get people infected with the virus and to increase the number of infections and deaths !!! There is no logical reasoning on the way they are mishandling and denying and downplaying the severity of this highly lethal and contagious coronavirus and pandemic !!!!!!!! To me it look like Killer Trump and all of his administration and all the corrupt spineless republicans , care nothing about what is happening to the people of the country and all their money problems !!! And are only concerned about the economy , wall street , conglomerates and the 1% filthy rich , who are their top contributors to their elections and policies !!! The government no longer belongs to = WE THE PEOPLE = the government has been bought a highly paid for by the conglomerates and the 1% filthy rich who own them !!! Money will always Trump over peoples lives !!!!! Vote killer Trump , Mitch McConnell and all the the corrupt treasonous spineless enabling republican's out of power in every state and save America !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Excuse me Sir/Madam
    Are you saved?
    If you died tonight are you going to heaven? Jesus loves you.

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    This comes as no surprise coming from Mike pence and do we the people know whether he tested positive or not we all know the Republican party is full of lies and deceptive practices this type of behavior should not be tolerated or is he intentionally trying to infect Harris just like Trump intentionally tried to infect Biden this type of behavior is reckless and not to mention highly dangerous
    Biden Harris 2020 BLM

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    lentruthbtold riv

    Trumptard: oh we aren't winning? Destroy it all then.

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    Oh come on! The President is already vice enough – and Pence is the Vice President…

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    If people want to see Biden's America, look at California right now that is being run by Democrats. They are still in state lockdown. Thousands of businesses permanently gone, Millions of jobs lost, millions of homeless, tons of human feces in the streets. Look at the disgusting laws they passed 1)sex offender, 2)transgender prison, and 3) reparations. Imagine without a job and paying high taxes. That's why there is a mass exodus from California. And these people still want to live in Biden's America. lol

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    1:20 I stopped my 9-5 because of, p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m

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    Beautiful love u.

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    Harris is going to pursue Pence like a prosecutor.

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    My comment on this,, why should Covid get All Capital letters when addressed?? I'd down play this farce too. It may exist but it will never Ever reach spotlight status

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    Vote Personally, I need to listen to a real caring president, someone who's sane and doesn't act. Put real news on, his acts are too predictable. Vote, enjoy your day and make a difference.

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    I want trump to win … cuz I love drama tv show

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    🤔Hmm, to plexiglass or not…? I'm pretty sure if you check with the CDC the virus needs a live host to infect. So Pence doesn't need to worry…💀💨🦠

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    Vote and Pray 🙏 #Trump2020 and keep this Country safe from the Socialists #MAGA20

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    Listen, most of the world can figure out how to and why to wear masks … but "great" Americans cannot 🙂

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    Can't wait for January 2021, to start with Biden as our New President. Until then will America BE GREATER.
    And Trump with all his criminalistic and murderous WH staff/ administration can be arrested to go to prisons.

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    I have found that Pence is almost as stupid as Donald Dump.

  38. Avatar

    Watching debate now ,look at pence left eye, dude has the covfefe,

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    Prepare to be amazed by the comments of a BUNCH of IDIOTIC TWITS that couldn't find TITS IN A STRIP CLUB..

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    TRUMP 2020

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    I am guessing that fly will be called another attempt by the radical left to sabotage Trump's presidency.

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    Trump NEVER said masks don't matter — neither did he say social distancing doesn't matter
    Just more ways to twist to suit and support your needs and narrative. Liars.

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    What you are about to watch is real.
    Its message has the potential to change your life, forever.

    Some will reject it as fiction.
    Others will receive its truth.
    All will understand one day.

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    Kamala’s look when Mike Pence ripped her apart: https://twitter.com/teamtrump/status/1314019309543452673?s=24 EPIC‼️🎸

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    Vote republican in person 🗳‼️🎸 Trump 2020‼️

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