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President Trump leaves hospital | WNT

The president’s doctors have cleared Trump to return to the White House after a series of sometimes contradictory health updates. At least 18 people in Trump’s orbit tested positive for COVID-19.




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    you are all so brainwashed by the media. they have an agenda. theyre pushing a narrative and they want a puppet to be elected to the white house so that theyre rich bosses can continue to enrich themselves.. dont be fckn lazy and watch not just liberal media but also the conservative.. watch both and compare.. you will see how much youre being lied to by the mainstream media

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    He’s playing you like a fiddle and your so convinced of your own imaginary superiority that you gloat like a bloated goat . He owns the Rona now and guess what ? No vaccine NO PROBLEM . Done , next song , on with with the growing the economy. Fake news is brought to heal and sentenced accordingly. Bye bye gitmo gonads .

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    U know that doctor got a bag oh him 💰

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    "Don't be afraid" is the wrong thing to say when the vast majority of Americans won't get the same treatment. Health care is not universal for everyone in the United States!!!!!

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    Broom Hill Gypsies

    🇺🇸 Trump 2020 🇺🇸

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    Such Bias the so called media has definitely No Journalists anymore just say what your told and most of all Hate Trump and the job is your what a joke. It’s Disgusting Sorry I accidentally gave your station 10 mins of my time

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    Hell, we might all have it and don't even know it…If you feel bad depending on age stay home to rest, soup is good, understand where I'm going with this, panic if necessary??

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    He is probably more dangerous than ever, he is now immune and may not wear a mask at all.

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    What a job !! BS.

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    Decadent demonc rats party are in a panic, knowing that the U. S. President is well and smiling. Viva Republican Party 2020.

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    Touch the rail a little more babe

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    Everybody who survives will have a preexisting condition for the remainder of their lives. Ponder that

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    The fact that people still falling for this bullshit 😂 there is no virus.

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    He is still contagious! If you can't protect The White House, then you can't protect us!!!

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    Law and Order!… The President and Commander in Chief of the United States of America can do whatever he wishes…Even if it means letting loose Chaotic Evil and mean Sprits around him. So instead of spreading Peace and Harmony and Goodwill toward all American people and the rest of the World…He has chosen to spread his own 'Chinese Kungflu Virus'…Greeting from Wuhan, China…God Bless America.

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    "Virus was the democrats party hoax!"He said. "fake news too! " he said it louder. Might be it is time to inject something that you recommended to yourself

    to prove that you are right. Virus, he said you are a hoax, you are fake. Pls show him who you are show him if you are real or fake. Bring him with you if you can. introduce yourself to his whole

    family too if you can because they show no respect to you because they don't wear mask no social distance. He has already brought so much miserable, pain and suffering to many families, innocent

    human being and to this world because he disinformation about the severity of virus and cover it up and lied to whole country in front of everyone. If you think he can protect this country & YOU? Think hard and think deep again, he cannot even protect himself, he can protect you?

    Did you see this big liar clown walking out to his ride while wearing mask? Did you remember what he did to mock the former VP Biden about wearing his mask?

    Biden running the WH office for 47 years without getting the virus, you got the virus for just running it for around 47 months?
    They discard for human life, they already knew that someone got virus positively and did not take immediately action for self isolation & quarantine, instead they still went ahead to have this rally campaign, fundraising gathering later with no mask no social distance etc, an very irresponsible & disgraceful human being.didn't he take the medicine/drug he recommended people who had this virus to take it? " what do you got to lose? " he said confidently. I am the most watched covid19 patient they've ever seen. 210k innocent PEOPLE have died, million and million of people have lost thier job, economic is in depression, Thousand might be million of retailers , restaurants going under, all under this big liar clown watch.

    what more you can say?

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    Fake news. Fake plandemic.

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    Trump wants to have a herd immunity in the White House. Trump, along with his aides, staff, and close allies are being infected with Covid, willingly or unwillingly, so as to complete this important mission.

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