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President Trump launches "Black Voices for Trump" coalition | USA TODAY

President Trump courts black voters ahead of 2020 election.
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President Donald Trump launched the “Black Voices for Trump” coalition to court black voters ahead of the 2020 election.

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  1. Avatar

    I… I can't even… yeah, I just can't even smh

  2. Avatar

    Of course he is courting black voters. He is desperate but he will have to rely on his outnumbered base.

  3. Avatar

    is someone in DC, telling him that Black people in America Love him?

  4. Avatar

    You've got to be @#$%& kidding me??
    Must be mentally unstable just like trump himself and blind not see what's going on in the USA in general . Smh

  5. Avatar

    Black and white people all hate trump together as one

  6. Avatar

    Imagine being black and a trump supporter 💀💀💀

  7. Avatar

    When you believe this orange BS,the GOP is a white people party they have only ONE I repeat only ONE black member in the house,they are racist!!!

  8. Avatar

    FOH remember Charlottesville, Central Park 5 🖕🏿Trump

  9. Avatar

    He doesn’t need black votes because he won without them. He really wants to help Black people. There are a lot of Black people who support him but the media doesn’t tell you that. Unemployment is the lowest in history for Blacks and jobs are at its highest. And he is helping free Black people who had long sentences for petty crimes and crimes they didn’t do. I’m a Black woman who support Trump. Trump 2020.

  10. Avatar

    Democratic Party has destroyed the Black community for years. Trump is doing a good job for Americans period stop with all the hate and race wars. If someone else would have won especially a Democrat then America would be messed up right now.

  11. Avatar

    “Do NOTHING Democrats have done nothing for the black community.” That’s the true for sure.

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