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President Trump Flown To Walter Reed Medical Center For Observation | NBC News

Watch live coverage as President Trump is flown to Walter Reed Medical Center to undergo observation after testing positive for Covid-19.
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Live: President Trump Flown To Walter Reed Medical Center For Observation | NBC News

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  1. Avatar

    Prayers for the virus! Hold in there, you can do this!

  2. Avatar

    Amazing team at Walter Reed! They lead the way in performing simulations to prepare for COVID patients. https://youtu.be/j4DWnMxnhuY

  3. Avatar

    Who KNEW this was gonna happen? Lmao its called KARMA b!

  4. Avatar
    Yehuda Halevi יָהוּדָהָ הָלויִ


  5. Avatar

    So he flew because he was too afraid to be driven lmaoooo he knows hes hated

  6. Avatar
    The Flying Scotsman

    I tell what? I have just had a beautiful Covid-19 positive test, the most phenomenal positive test anywhere in the world. I got a beautiful bleach injection for the China virus. And according to my tax records, I qualify for Obamacare to treat this beautiful Dem hoax. Unlike Sleepy Joe Biden, I have now learnt a lesson and from now on, I will start wearing the biggest phenomenal, beautiful mask you have ever seen anywhere in the world.

  7. Avatar

    it looks so ridiculous seeing him giving the military salut-as he never served and everyone now knows what he thinks about the military in general

  8. Avatar

    Democrats better play this one careful. If they blame Trump for contracting covid, they are in fact blaming the millions other Americans who have contracted it. The mask argument won't hold up. Tens of thousands got it following every guidline.

  9. Avatar

    God is on the democrats side.

  10. Avatar

    Trump would carry on if Biden had it.

  11. Avatar

    Il covid odia i potenti che dicono che non è così micidiale, non gli sopporta….. Deve attaccarli tutti. Trump, bolsonaro, Berlusconi, tutte le monarchie europee, boris jonshon etc etc….

  12. Avatar

    God bless,protect,heal,save Trump,his wife,advisor,others of illlness,in Jesus amen shalom www.CBN.com

  13. Avatar

    Trump has let everybody down with protection for everybody. Now he has succumbed, and it is obvious to everybody that they have been let down by this man and the republicans. It is for Biden to continue to set an example and lead people out the mess. Joe is the Moses who will lead the people back to health and prosperity for all Americans. He must continue to campaign, he must continue to say follow me, this is the way, otherwise without leadership a new leader will emerge, may be (hard to imagine), worse than trump. Humpty Trumpdy sat on a wall…………but Joe can put America together again.

  14. Avatar

    Visit Activistpost.com and ritchieallen.co.uk

  15. Avatar

    Get well president Trump and First Lady !!!

  16. Avatar

    Seriously is this another lie from Trump to get symphoty !!

  17. Avatar

    President Trump said coroner virus was mainly directly affecting Old People I guess he didn't realize or understand his own age.

  18. Avatar

    Very happy 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

  19. Avatar

    When I saw the news last night, I instantly updated Heaven and prayed for speedy and fully recovery to President Trump and his wife Melanie.
    As well praying for people around him who became sick not only, but also for the nation where many have passed.

    The corona virus is of a dangerous kind, spread all over the world like the enemy!
    To my knowledge this epidemic is the longest lasting one.
    Let's all pray..

  20. Avatar

    The Doctors and Nurses at Walter Reed: Don't bring him here, can't he go somewhere else? Aren't there any "Republican" or "Red State"hospitals that would take him😂.

  21. Avatar

    Troops coming home? Another human right abuser
    Here is the deal

    Lets see, we make sure you get a higher wage,
    then we tax more of your earned income,
    to get the corporation money out of you the wage earner,
    to create Gov't "make work" programs,
    Here is the deal

    ya, we make sure our buddies are running these "make work" programs,
    so they can pay us as board members.
    Here is the deal

    Let me tell you what the deal is
    Here is the deal

    Don't worry that I have spent the last 4 years not giving 2 cents about you,
    here is the deal

    I will be the democrat party, I don't recognize the house & senate as President,
    obama taught me that,
    here is the deal

    Don't go there the billions of cash to Iran on the midnight run
    here is the deal

    Yes you will be forced to have obama care,
    here is the deal

    Folks here is the deal

    haha….I mean really, you got to be blind to follow the political doctrine of the left of "positive liberties" to groveling for food, money, jobs, and getting rid of cars that our kids could of had to be melted down in china, joe biden's china
    Here is the deal

    TRUMP 2020 & Trump Clones Beyond

  22. Avatar

    Please Father God please heal our President . Get well soon president Trump

  23. Avatar
    DebraAnna Shanghai

    Wow the Trump campaign has the "best" people? The debate was a "hot mess", in a dumpster fire? We thought it couldn't be worse – but alas? They can't contact trace in the White House – what chance does the rest of America have?

  24. Avatar


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