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President Trump defends downplaying COVID-19: ‘I didn’t lie’

In a press conference Thursday, Trump said he “didn’t lie” to the American people, after he reportedly admitted to playing down the COVID-19 threat in an interview with Bob Woodward.

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    Why the hell you used WHO as a scapegoat?

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    the gaming Squad Nava

    Hey Donald trump reminds me of Michel Scott

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    Trump didn't lied to Woodward but he lied to the people of America .

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    Why on earth we an animal as the commander in chief of USA,because he call himself an animal for disparaging the fallen soldiers.

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    I did not lie nor did I tell the truth, how can you believe in anything said. Hi

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    192,000 virus deaths NOT 180,000 that he quoted or "embers" as he previously referred to them. If we have turned a corner then I'm afraid we are on the wrong side of the road and there is a large truck coming the other way.

    If "Bob Woodward was so concerned about the virus then he should have told them" ….hold on aren't you responsible for managing the pandemic?! Who are they?

    "The biggest political scandal of all time" has he not heard of Watergate or his own impeachment?

    He knowingly lied to us about the severity of the virus, just like he is lying about the economy, the environment, the rioting. No doubt "protecting us from the truth".

    He tells us to send our children back to school, whilst his own son will not be returning. His school deem it unsafe to open their doors right now, how rich.

    If he thinks that I will be taking the "election vaccine" then he is sadly mistaken. Let the Trump family go first.

    US Debt currently stands at $3.3 trillion dollars, we have mass unemployment, a major recession, widespread racial and social rioting. He's right we have numbers "like you wouldn't believe", how true.

    I don't just want him defeated in November, I want to punch him on the nose.

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    Quit snitching bitches!!!

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    Trump lie and people died still going on

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    2020 💯! ❤

    "NO MORE YEARS!!!" 💯!

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    I didn't lie ! I just haven't told You the truth !

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    Christina A. Friedli

    By saying „ I didn‘t lie“ he lies!

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    Kyokushin For Life

    It was a democrats hoax ? Remember??
    Oh of course, you were saying it was a democrats hoax to save more lives! Isn't that right noble peace prize nominee ?

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    Frederiksted St. Croix

    The only time Trump is not lying is when he is sleeping but yet still he lies in his dream.

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    How do you like Democrat Socialism so far?

    (Remember, if you vote for Biden, you are voting for Kamala Harris for President. Biden is a shell of his former self.)

    Here it is…

    1. De-fund Police. In the Senate (so theirs a record), Kamala Harris called it “re-imagine law enforcement." Biden recently stated he was in favor, quote “redirecting law enforcement funds.” Police funds will be redistributed to other programs.
    Democrats Yes.
    Republicans No.

    Watch Biden agree to "redirect" Law Enforcement funds.

    2. Citizenship for 20 to 50 million illegal aliens, DACA, TPS recipients, and their families with a cost of billions to taxpayers.
    Democrats Yes.
    Republicans No.

    3. Free Healthcare for Illegal aliens, DACA, TPS recipients & their families. Taxpayer-funded with one estimate at $52 trillion.
    Democrats Yes.
    Republicans No.

    (Watch Biden and Harris raise their hands in support of free healthcare for illegal aliens.)

    4. Biden has stated he will raise taxes to over 71 trillion. With this Democrat platform, he will have to.
    Democrats Yes.
    Republicans NO TAX INCREASES.

    5. Sanctuary Cities & States. Biden & Harris supports sanctuary cities.
    Democrats Yes.
    Republicans No.

    6. I don't understand how voters in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Illinois, West Virginia and Wyoming can even consider voting for Biden? You do realize that as soon as Biden/Harris takes office. Fracking, Coal Mining jobs are long gone You're voting for your own unemployment in these states people.

    (The Democrat Governors in these states know this believe me, and keep it a secret the best they can. Sacrifice jobs of their citizens for a Biden Presidency. The true definition of swine.)

    7. Immediately end all deportations of illegal aliens, Bernie’s website calls it a “moratorium” on deportations.
    Democrats Yes.
    Republicans No.

    8. Reparations for the race’s harmed by Caucasians. Biden & Kamala Harris committed to Al Sharpton to support Sheila Jackson Lee’s reparations bill in the House. Basically, a tax will be levied on all people of Caucasian descent in America. The funds distributed to African Americans. (you can’t make this stuff up)
    Democrats Yes.
    Republicans No.


    9, De-fund & terminate border patrol & ICE. Funds redistributed to other programs.
    Democrats Yes.
    Republicans No.

    10. Climate Change: Biden's climate change plan will be another tax costing trillions of tax dollars & jobs.
    Democrats Yes.
    Republicans No.

    11. The 2nd Amendment will be under attack even more under Biden. Biden stated, "Beto O'Rourke will be his gun Czar," "Hel yeah I'm coming for your guns."
    Democrats Yes.
    Republicans No.

    12. Ending of all private / employer-based health care. “Medicare for all”, Feds run everything. This is Kamala Harris's baby. Kiss goodbye to your healthcare plan if Biden/Harris is elected.
    Democrats Yes.
    Republicans No.

    13. Illegal Aliens, all non-citizens eligible for welfare, & food stamps. Again taxpayer-funded. (Elizabeth Warren’s plan adopted) Endorsed by Biden & Harris. More taxes.
    Democrats Yes.
    Republicans No.

    14. Free college for all, including illegal aliens & non-citizens (taxpayer-funded with estimates in the billions). Bernie Sanders's plan adopted. More taxes.
    Democrats Yes.
    Republicans No.

    15. Immediately decriminalize illegal entry into our country. So no need for the Border Patrol.
    Democrats Yes.
    Republicans No.

    16. Open Borders.
    Democrats Yes.
    Republicans No.

    17. Drivers Licenses for illegal aliens (already happening in states with Democrat leadership.) Biden & Harris endorsed.
    Democrats Yes.
    Republicans No.

    18. Democrats permit and agree with the destruction and erasing of our history. Democrat Mayors & Governors remove our monuments/history rather than protect to appease their socialist base.
    Democrats Yes.
    Republicans No.

    Republicans will protect our History. Trump recently enacted a new Law that leftist / rioters face a 10-year prison sentence for damage to a Historical site.

    If Joe Biden is elected President America will be on fire…..only Biden won't send federal officers to help. Biden/Harris will support the rioters.

    Kamala stands with the "protesters" rioters.

    If you vote for Joe Biden it will be for a far-left platform. Biden has stated many times in the past he is a "progressive." He will follow the radical left’s agenda or he won’t get the support (and he is) of Nancy Pelosi, Bernie Sanders, Maxine Waters, Karen Bass (Leader Congressional Black Caucus), llhan Omar, Elizabeth Warren, Val Demings, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Valerie Jarrett,. Rashida Talib, Stacy Abrams, Ayanna Pressley, Sheila Jackson Lee, Pramila Jayapal.

    Listed on this page is the core of the socialist's / radical left-wing of the Democrat party and is firmly in charge. Biden will be a puppet to Kamala Harris and those mentioned above.

    President Trump's Accomplishments.

    Thank you for reading.

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    Guess THIS time is shocking again huh. America. SMH. What a mess.

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    Patrick Van Rinsvelt

    Trump is to stupid to realize, "When in a hole, stop digging."

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    And always the same phrases from Trump. "Shame for your employee" and so on. Why do so many people dont see that he is just an showman. Of course he is not stupid, but he keeps bending the reality. And when he is atacked he always only plays the ball back. I never heard a good argument coming out of his mouth!
    BUT, I am afraid and sure that he will be President for another period. Poor USA and poor world😫

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    Trump said he didn't lie. No doubt those 190,000 people didn't want to die.

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    LOCK HIM UP. Trump should be locked up for the murder of 200,000 americans. .

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    Maybe Trump was only trying to keep a positive attitude and was attempting to stay positive for the American people.A positive attitude from the President goes a long way in a crisis.Imagine if he came out and said that he virus is bad very very bad and there are going to be may deaths.Can you imagine the streets and stores being overrun by people in a panic.Everything would be gone off the shelves in less than 30 minutes.There would be many people injured and even killed.
    No Trump did it right.The Dem's however would have put it out there to Americans and told them all the doom and gloom and telling people the world is coming to an end.THey want the panic, riots,violence and destruction as it plays right into their hands !!

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    2020 is goin to get rid of Trump!!!! Wait for it…this year is not playing with NO ONE!!!!

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    Arts n Travel by Cher Bear Scientifica


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    Arlene Bhoorasingh

    Pure lies lies lies lies on both sides in fact all sides. Corona virus is truly a legend. This virus is certainly not a death sentence most people recover. This is just a cover for mandatory vaccines and antichrist NWO agenda. Thank you Yeshua for exposing everything the wicked are doing to your people and plan to do to your people for their demise, back firing in their faces . They donot realise that when they hurt your people they end up destroying themselves!

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    This clown is starting to sound pathetic like when Clinton got caught and kept denying the sexual act didn't happen. Trump is a fool and needs to resign !!!!!!!!

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    Only 10k actually die from the virus and u sheep still want to pretend like it’s some kind of “pandemic”, just how gullible and manipulated have u become.

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    You cant believe someone who shows no remorse for anything!!

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    We knew from the start that he did not want people to panic.

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    Dewey Cheatum-Howe


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    Phrase-e-ology is a new word guys 😂😂😂🤦🏻‍♀️

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