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President Trump declares he is cured of COVID-19 a week after testing positive | WNT

In a video recorded on the White House South Lawn, the president acknowledged he had been “very sick” last week.




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    If the gold star families don't have Covid, then Trump obviously didn't get it from them. He probably got it from Hope Hicks because he is a stupid jackass who refuses to wear a mask himself and make those around him wear masks.

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    Trump is so pathetic! He makes me sick! 😣😞😓😤

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    Viruses stay dormant in our bodies. "Cured" lol

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    Lol wow can people be that dumb not to see the bigger sales plot 🤔

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    No matter how hard the doctors worked they just couldn't save Covid from Trump.

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    Man Of Steel🇺🇸

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    Deplorably_Deranged Dispicable_Bidon_Supporter

    "Senator Harris. Are you and Joe Biden going to pack the court if Judge Amy Coney Barrett is confirmed?"
    " In 1864- …27 days before the election …Joe and I are very clear: the American people are voting right now"
    REPORTER: "Are you open to expanding the size of the Supreme Court?" HARRIS: "I am open to that discussion." .."Do you want to elaborate on that, or leave it there? Harris: "No, just, I'm open to it. I'm absolutely open to it." nytimes. com/interactive/2019/us/politics/supreme-court-democratic-candidates. html?mtrref=t. co&gwh=F072EF7FEB50E2F3CFCD691F3CF621EC&gwt=pay&assetType=PAYWALL# harris

    "Iam_ Cum'Allaha and I believes_those_5_women_who_accuses_Biden_of_sexual_assault & I approve this message" November 3 is only days away. Vote RED Remove Every double-standard-America-hating-Democrat! hashtag # walkaway

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    Play the news story after this, where he is on the phone to Fox where he is coughing his guts out. Sounded like he still has Covid. Hope he deteriorates more. I hate liars and bullies.

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    Trump is the biggest liar on the planet. Disgusting human.bidenharris2020

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    1:36 why keep it private he already got 34 people cornovirus? lol

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    Humans During COVID19

    Today’s political divisiveness confuses effective public health communication during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are scientists trying to help you be less confused and more informed. This is our YouTube Link: 

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    That idiot has not been cured! The God of ISRAEL HAS SPOKEN!! The plague of that idiots lies have turned on him and his administration. The time has come for all of have sinned against God and his people will suffer the plague of the darkness they desired in their own weakness and greed and God will restore from the ashes all that the evil tried to destroy!!

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    الشيخ عيضة بن طناف المنهالي

    He never even had it in the beginning. It’s all bullshit to me.

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    Wow he was pale a few days ago now his orange i didn't know color chaging was a side effect

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    Trump's "miracle" COVID-19 treatment was developed using cells derived from an aborted fetus


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    It was dangerous to hug and kiss Trump before he had Covid. That made me drop my phone 😐

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    TRumps nick name amanda hug n kiss

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    DJT looks like the night of the living dead, who's he fooling with that BS & fake tan, orange squat.

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    our Supreme Leader risked his own life to use an experimental
    transfusion of aborted baby stem cells. the least you can do is vote
    for this madman

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    You don't get "cured" from a virus. Symptoms can go away and it WILL NEVER bother you again. It will be with you your whole life. You've got hundreds of different viruses already. When you are not sick, the disease is not making you sick or not "clinical." No way he could have been "very sick" from COVID. People report very mild symptoms anyway. He's definitely acting. Also, if you test positive for COVID-19, there is nothing a vaccine can do for you to help you. You don't need one if you are already exposed and not sick, and making antibodies for it. This is all so damn fake. Fauci is recommending everybody get a flu shot. Right. Immunodepression is caused by vaccinating with killed vaccines and adjuvants, then you are 5x more likely to get the flu. Killed vaccines depress your passive blood immunity, T-Cells, Macro Phages and the first response mechanisms. They don't enter cells and CANNOT give you the virus, because it's not viable/inactivated. Shots are dead vaccines that do not enter the cell nucleus, only passive blood humoral temporary immunity is given.

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    Where’s Melania… ??? Hmmmm maybe Trumps infection is a fake. cooked up story .. an election tactic!!

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    Oooh, NOW its dangerous 😳

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    I don't trust anyone who has a drawer full of medications, especially if they only take half of them.

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    Do you believe these idiots or the word of the Lord? Watch and decide for yourself https://youtu.be/zjveGv_hhvQ

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    Froilan Wilson Cortes

    Trump is all about "me, I, myself". Obviously he doesn't care about anyone's health around him. So what if he feels great after testing positive? Did he felt being a responsible person not having people around him getting infected?I bet it didn't crossed his childish mind.

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    Do we forget that the survival rate is 99.98% and that the number of deaths aren't accurate. This hit me personally when my dear uncle passed away from stage 4 cancer BEFORE the "pandemic" and in his records they CHANGED his cause of death to COVID-19. I'm not buying the narrative of this nonsense. COVID-19 is out there but it's no worse than SARS or any other outbreak we've seen in the past 20 years. There is no pandemic. These lies have made me WANT to go out and vote. Last time I didn't, this year I know that I have to. Trump 2020 / Pence 2024.

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    I would like to go one day without seeing this madman on tv , the media he hates so much should silence him for the day.

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