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President Trump and first lady test positive for COVID-19

Advisor Hope Hicks tested positive for coronavirus after traveling with the president during the first national debate.



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    Sounds more like he’s going to tell people his sick and next he has the vaccine just another trick from this liar

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    And odds are like 99.9 percent of people infected they will be just fine!

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    Lol, regardless he’ll win again

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    Our Father in heaven, Creator of all, we honor your name. May brothers and sisters in the Lord be drawn here and each confess wrongdoings so that, by your merciful grace, we may come clean before you and together present this fervent plea. We lift up to you Donald and Melania Trump who tested positive for CoVid-19. In all humility, we accept the US President and his wife are as imperfect as any of us on earth. Still, like David whom you raised up as king and loved despite sinfulness, the two are one as a couple after your own heart, true and determined to work out godly good for the American nation and for other nations as well. Grant, we pray, for the Holy Spirit to supernaturally empower the first couple to heal and fully recover according to your wonderful make. Do not allow any invisible or visible thing steal away their strength or days but enable them to fulfill purpose ordained for them from birth. This we fervently ask in the name of your Son Jesus Christ on whom you have given all authority in heaven and on earth. Yet not our desires but your will be done, for you are Almighty God whose ways and thoughts are higher than our thoughts. Let God’s people say, AMEN.

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    Siti Nooraini Noor Anwar

    is this fake news haha

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    Gods plan at work 👏

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    Thomas Milasevic

    President Donald Trump is COVID-19 Positive he says "it is what it is" and I say there is a God

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    Can’t wait till November when trump wins again and get to watch all the new liberal melt down video .

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    دکتر سیاوش زر : مشاور ارشد حزبی و عضو کمیته تاسک فورس ریاست جمهوری 🇺🇸
    Dr siyavash zar .
    Pray for our President and his family. This will be the litmus test for treatment protocols and a new playbook for our country and how we go forward. He is asymptomatic and has the best medical advice available and will make his case for his treatment ideas put forth in the past. Time will tell. Most of all, panic is not the answer.♥️♥️🇺🇸🇺🇸

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    Its been coming. IT will dissapear magically

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    One way to not have to Debate. Lol, or is this his October surrrrpriselol.

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    If trump were to have another rally it would be packed because idiot will still go 🤣

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    Braedy for minecraft Good stuff

    Prayers go out to him and his family

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    If he didn't get tested he wouldn't be positive. Don't sweat it. No big deal. It is what it is.

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    What? Open events with no masks that is what you get covid19.

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    You know what they say…….KARMA IS A BITCH !

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    Well, the VP is quite well.

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    Anette Van Rooyen

    Pres Trump and Melanie We, in South Africa will pray to God continues ly for your quick and safe recovery. You two are on our hearts. We love you and we know, God has, chosen You for God's plan for the Last times before Jesus comes back. Be at peace and keep praying to a living God who will answer your prayers and may He gives you the wisdom to do His Will only.

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    No doubt the DEMONIACS are salivAting, hoping it will take him out!! Like the DOCTOR SAID “don’t speculate & don’t panic! If Mike Pence has to step in for a few days, he can handle the job!

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    Well ig karma exists idk

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    So, the Trump/Biden debate was a national embarrassment and Trump lost far more face than Biden hides behind his mask. Desperate to win back the people he put to spectacular shame Trump feigns the symptoms of COVID-19.
    COVID-19 for president 2020. 🎉 🎊🍻 🍻

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    It’s sad to see how many mean people are crawling around us

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    Trump is fake with corona virus because he is scared to be in debate with joe look Trump always he is be careful with his health thinking about this

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    His tweets will give away his game of distracting from his MESSED UP LIFE! Trying to improve his poll numbers by any means necessary! A master liar cannot be trusted!

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    Ya'll ALL talking abt trump, WHAT ABT MELANIA??

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