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President spreads unfounded rumors about voting by mail | WNT

Donald Trump claimed ballots “are being dumped in rivers” if they have his name on them, but the White House could not provide any evidence.




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    Lying again with no witnesses as evidenced. Why would we believe a person who lies over 20,000 n still counting? He makes up lies, and cheats the govt in taxes, n funnel money from Charity Funds into his businesses n family.

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    Your supporters are as dumb as you are if not worse. They havr no idea what to look. Thats not their mission. Their mission is to try to intimidate. But i will tell you right now it has no possible way of working. Just because we try to avoid confrontation don't think we bow down to a group of A HOLES.

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    Wake up!… It's all a scam!… Trump never… I say again, Trump never tells the truth… He doesn't have the virus… In 14 days… just before the election he will miraculously beat the virus and be deemed a hero…

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    Why a river? and why trump ballots? Because he's setting up the democrats! It was probably somebody's junk mail.

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    Most of the media in Taiwan are now eroded, whether it is anti-CCP or non-anti-CCP media, do you think the Taiwan government is really anti-CCP? I don’t think the U.S. is really anti-CCP. Is the CCP? I seem to be very different from the power of the past and against the Soviet regime. My view is that the world does not seem to be really anti-CCP. Otherwise, the WTO will not still grant China MFN status, and the Pope will not because The Chinese factor is unwilling to see the U.S. Secretary of State Pompio. The world continues to fake anti-communism like this. Not only will China become the world's largest economy, but China will also become a world superpower surpassing the United States

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    If anyone is rigging the election it's Trump and republicans, they have a long history of doing that. Trump always accuse some opponent of doing what he himself are about to do or already have done! It's pretty obvious to us in the rest of the world!

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    Lawrance Ovarabia

    The virus has caught Trump. OUR hearts and prayers are WITH the CORONAVIRUS during this extremely difficult time!

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    I will not vote by mail. Thank you for your consideration.

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    Man that Kailey Mc whatever her name is relentless when will she be held to the truth ? She is a bigger liar than Trump ! She is disturbing

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    In South Africa Police in the Free State has launched a manhunt for the suspect/s who attacked and killed a manager at De Rots Farm in Paul Roux, west of Bethlehem.Free State police spokesperson Brig Motantsi Makhele said the body of Brendin Horner, 21, was found by police tied to a pole in an open space at the farm at about 6am on Friday.Makhele said police had received a call from neighboring farmers about an attack at De Rots Farm.“On arrival, police found Horner, who was declared dead on the scene with injuries on his head and face and tied with a rope around his neck to a pole. A knife was seized at the scene,” Makhele said.“His Toyota Hilux vehicle with blood stains was later found abandoned near Duikfontein Farm in Paul Roux.”He said Horner was attacked and brutally murdered by an unknown number of attackers after leaving his father's farm to head home at 7pm on Thursday. At 10pm the family went looking for him because he had not arrived home. They did not find him and could not reach him on his phone

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    Dear mr. president. i am so glad that i have a chance to send a well wish to your positive covid-19, be well and prosperous inside the dear leader trump and his families…amen

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    The Federal judge in Yakima Washington ruled against Donald Trump and Louis de joy .the told those two to put it back the way it was. If you or I would pull something like that we would be in jail.Trump is all about law till it comes to himself

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    What lies …. even a quick google tells you mass mail in voting has caused elections ALREADY in 2020 to have to be re-run, such was the mess.

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    Has anyone thought about voting via a specific government app tied to each individuals data already on file. One voting number per person, all election issues accessible through an official link to information on the proposed changes and how it will effect them. All laws and policies up for a vote accessed through app with voter number as the pin number. Get the people more involved with their own government on a national and local level.

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    You gonna tell us that crime isn't real next ABC? The reason Trump got elected was because we were sick of all the bs spread by career politicians, and most news organizations today are no more than paid programming for the same sleazy career politicians. Gmafb

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    thought everything was done big in Texas … real cowboys don't cheat

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    Interesting: trump interacts with dem operatives (the debate): and a positive covid test: deliberate infection effort

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    A democratic letter carrier collecting mail in a republican neighborhood: what could go wrong?!

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    There's nothing wrong with voting by mail. Has never been! Yet! This idiot said so therefore that makes it FACT? They're words but I won't use them. ___________ I'm sure the blanks can be filled in by people who have not been brained washed! Anyone out their still consuming bleach that have been instructed to do so?

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    F-u abc. Your smearing Trump with lies and fake news while reporting live about him getting Covid. Booooooo! Friggin ridiculous. He'll be fine and still kick Biden's butt!

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    donald macaskill


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    Media and Demoncrats disregards voter mail fraud.

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    There's an investigation on right now in my county in Pa. They have proof. Not unfounded, not rumors.

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    Awkward moment when the media desperately grasps onto their fake news narratives because of semantics… oh no… he said "river" instead of "ditch" and then ignore the real story… typical leftist media.

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    It’s amazing they still try to fool people into thinking their votes actually matter. News flash… the next president has already been decided. Your votes do not matter. 😉

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    Maybe the virus will take him out and solve alota probblems.

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    Very Important GET OUT AND VOTE 🗳 VOTE 🗳 💙🙏🏾🇺🇸✊🏽✊🏿✊🏾💪🏾💯

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    Awkward moment when the media desperately grasps onto their fake news narratives because of semantics… oh no… he said "river" instead of "ditch" and then ignore the real story… typical…

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    penny traded your mom

    Absolute bullshit any democratic state has had cases of trump's votes being thrown out on the side of the road or left in dumpsters this is a fact once again dogshit legacy media spreading lies and misinformation in other news water is wet

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    henious crime in hatras supported by BJP government.Manissa has been brutally raped by criminals supported by BJP.Police destroyed the evidence.Democracy has been vandalized by BJP government.Police claims manissa died because of COVID in post mortem report. SHAME on nation by BJP.

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    Chris Blosenhauer

    To all the people saying that mail in voting isn’t being messed with by the radical dems…
    Look what ilhan omar is doing!!!

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    The human consciousness and energetic system
    ●as also the collective consciousness and energetic system

    Are targeted by the ruling estabmishment with the intentional injection of collective trauma
    ●weather manipulation (desasters)
    ●9/11 (murder and trauma induction)
    ●chemical – trail (lightmetal/aluminium)
    ●Project Blue Beam
    ●add listum of instruments as to push trauma into the collective consciousness
    □The goal by the ruling force:□
    ●keep the collective consciousness in blindness through chaos and trauma as for the exactly that mechanic being covered through that chaos and collective panic.
    ●as for the opportunistic consciousness, of the rulling establishment, to further use the collective (energy) as its source ("serfdom")
    ●which is all funded by the collective through tax, which why the current system is our co-creation

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    Alexander Cerrone

    Why are reporters in the White House at these times when they should be in a building off the White House grounds. There is technology for video conferencing so reporters in the White House are not needed and are creating problems!!

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    😒Not surprising to find another news channel lying to the American people.

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    I think fear is the only way the Republicans have won every election in the last 30 years even Reagan. Both sides suck but Trump is not a good person or President plan and simple. Libertarian vote for lesser of 2 evils…

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