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President Macron Defiant After Nice Terrorist Attack: ‘We Will Not Give In’ | NBC News NOW

The French president said he would mobilize more troops in response to the increased threat, and called for national unity. “In France there’s only one community, it’s the national community.”
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President Macron Defiant After Nice Terrorist Attack: ‘We Will Not Give In’ | NBC News NOW

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  1. Avatar

    The anitchrist in flesh and blood…

  2. Avatar


  3. Avatar

    Horrible attack. France shouldn’t give in. Don’t provoke either.

  4. Avatar

    France is a country that suks UK

  5. Avatar

    Macron-Hitlet of the 21-century

  6. Avatar

    Defiant? He seems to still be talking about unity-still-; even though INTRACTABLE IMPORTED Enemies and Adversaries; are stabbing and decapitating his citizens. Jesus..WAKE UP Christaindom. Start learning from history.If there is a Jihaad-and there obviously is- Crusades should FIGHT BACK. Enough Globalist Antichrist adaptation to EVIL.

  7. Avatar

    Respect should be given to get respect . Our religious value is crystal clear on this morality.

  8. Avatar

    Nothing is nice about a terrorist attack…..

  9. Avatar

    Can't we for once and for all live in peace with each other?

  10. Avatar

    China virus killed hundreds of thousands of French and Anglo races' members and yet nbc never complained!!

  11. Avatar

    I stand with France and support free speech!!! No civilization deserves such violent people.

  12. Avatar

    He would mobilize more troops to keep destroying Africa and the Middle East, Putin is right

  13. Avatar

    Macron: I will not give in spreading hatred.

  14. Avatar

    ATTENTION PEOPLE….That killer from "Religion of Peace"….France will be the next target for them. #standwithfrance

  15. Avatar

    It's a fake attack and no body is killed
    Just propoganda campaign against Muslims

  16. Avatar

    0:38 I can finally enjoy life with the help of, p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m

  17. Avatar

    Allah is great . Allah is powerfull and everything else is perishable

  18. Avatar

    Can’t even condemn these attacks. France is very deserving of this for disrespecting a Prophet in the name of freedom. Killing in the name of freedom is as justified as the disrespect of Prophet.
    Who is in crisis now? France or islam

  19. Avatar

    I doubt these attacks . They did not show any victim any culprit. One coffin and that's it. Don't think others are stupid

  20. Avatar

    Too late, Europe is already infiltrated, whatever you say would all be just talk. Just be prepared of more to come. But how can you ever be prepared?

  21. Avatar

    Europenistan and Francenistan love islams and need a lot of refuges and immigrants muslims to make citizens of the country so thanks to MERKEL bin Laden and MACRON bin Osama… ENJOY EUROPENISTAN .. ENJOY FRANCENISTAN which is now very safe and peaceful.

  22. Avatar

    A 15-year-old teen who was practicing vice with his high school teacher. She is 40 years old. She has three children. Two are bigger than him.

    After her husband and the school administration learned about the betrayal. It was a loud scandal. This woman was transferred to another school in the same city. This riot boy was deported to another city 170 km from their city. Then the two lovers kept in touch for 13 years, until the professor divorced her husband in 2006 and married her boyfriend (her student) in 2007.

    This humble disciple who emerged from the embrace of fornication, impurity, treachery and corruption. Adultery with a woman married of the age of his mother, and today he is the President of France. A country with a black history of insulting people. Today it gives us lessons about the "crisis" of Islam. He wants to change our religion, which the "criminal student" does not agree with.

  23. Avatar


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