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President, first lady isolate after testing positive for COVID-19 | ABC News

President Donald Trump and Melania Trump tested positive for coronavirus shortly after his close adviser Hope Hicks also tested positive.


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    A 70 years old man learns that life is fragile

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    Who cares? Not even him. Because he's a cough and a sneeze away from recovery

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    Good. Now we just have to get Pence and the rest of Trump’s followers

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    Isolationist got isolated, Its okay, The only positive things about Trump is covid19.

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    I think I speak for the rest of america when I say THANK GOD

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    The China Flu has met its match, Trump landslide in November!
    This truck driver and his entire family of 9 is supporting Trump!

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    If you are looking for sympathy for Trump because he has Covid-19, and for the Washington Elite from ME and millions of other Americans, FORGET IT!! It's NOT Forthcoming! I only hope he suffers as much as thousands of Americans he DID NOT PROTECT FROM THIS VIRUS when he easily could have!! Unfortunately, he is getting top notch medical care much better than any other person in America, so he'll do fine. Trump will be back in the chaotic White House he has created!!

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    Humpty Trumpty sat on his Mexico wall , Humpty Trumpty had a great fall. All the Kings houses and all the Kings Doctors can’t put Trumpty back together again. …There is more going on with Trump then they are saying. There is a small hospital inside the White House. If he was just in quarantined with slight symptoms he would stay at the White House. The next three to five days will tell more.

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    Prasuna Pulipati

    We will be praying for their speedy recovery 🙏 ♥. We love you President Trump

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    Get well soon, My president.

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    Given the fact that Trump now has Covid and Pence has been around Trump often during the last couple of weeks, Kamala Harris has to be very careful about being in the same room as Pence. We know that Covid aerosols travel farther than six feet and can linger in the air for hours. Pence wants to be seven feet away from Harris during the debate — not a wise idea. They may need to be in separate rooms or booths with separate air supplies. We should look into all of Pence's contacts with Trump and all those surrounding Trump in the last two weeks and up until the debate. Photos and videos would be helpful in determining distance from potential Covid carriers. We need Biden and Harris healthy. They have a big mess to clean up. They need to get Americans and our economy healthy again. If another Biden-Trump debate is to occur in the future, America would be best served by a mute button to keep candidates from shouting over each other so we can actually hear answers to the questions. I know some people were very happy today because Trump got Covid. They feel less Americans will get sick if Trump can't continue to promote unhealthy nonscientific policies in dealing with this pandemic. But we all need to wish him and his family good health and a speedy recovery.

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    Joe is still out campaigning. So much for Joe being the one hiding in his basement and being a dottering old fool. Where is the clown in chief? Hiding out in a hospital, with his hoax. Life certainly has a sense of humor.

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    Trump says "It's a hoax…" "It'll go away this summer." "Oh, I got it. I'll just take some hydroxychloroquine, inject bleach, and shine UV light up my ass."

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    TRUMP IS VERY HIGH RISK . He’s OBESE , ELDERLY , and, according to his TAX returns, LOW INCOME

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    Trump has flouted science, social distancing and made a mockery of masks, deliberately refusing to wear one in situations where it was deemed necessary by hospital authorities. During the onset, Trump repeatedly lied to the American people about the severity of COVID-19, he repeatedly thumbed his nose in the face of science while touting ridiculous pseudoscience claims that could endanger others, now over 200,000 American citizens are dead with the devastating numbers climbing. Statistics were not on Trumps side as he openly encouraged people to go to rallies without social distancing and other protective measures in place. He's now tested positive with the possibility of having spread the virus to countless others through his selfishness prior to diagnosis. Due to Trump's arrogance and hubris, he has brought this on himself and he only has himself to blame.

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    Ooops sorry I tuned into demo station: no true news here.

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    I like a president that doesn't get a deadly pandemic disease.

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    If Melania has it why is she at the White House?

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    Chris Wallace's Disgusting EP$TEIN Connection | More Hollywood Exposed! https://youtu.be/Iof7FhxkRbw

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    he is a coward and probably lying

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    This is all fucking lie . Don’t even fall for the president’s traps . I don’t even try to trigger my mind into believing such till I at least hear it from Dr Fauci. He is more reliable to me than any of this clown’s men.

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    The human consciousness and energetic system
    ●as also the collective consciousness and energetic system

    Are targeted by the ruling estabmishment with the intentional injection of collective trauma
    ●weather manipulation (desasters)
    ●9/11 (murder and trauma induction)
    ●chemical – trail (lightmetal/aluminium)
    ●Project Blue Beam
    ●add listum of instruments as to push trauma into the collective consciousness
    □The goal by the ruling force:□
    ●keep the collective consciousness in blindness through chaos and trauma as for the exactly that mechanic being covered through that chaos and collective panic.
    ●as for the opportunistic consciousness, of the rulling establishment, to further use the collective (energy) as its source ("serfdom")
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    Ernestine Booker

    He does lie

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    Juan Fe Peña Rivera

    thanks for the video ..now is the final times in the history .. but a good news is in the name of Jesús we have salvation and eternal life romans 10 : 9 to 11 , acts 4 : 12 , st john 11 : 25 ..

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