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President Donald Trump, first lady test positive for coronavirus | USA TODAY

President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump have tested positive for COVID-19 and “will begin our quarantine and recovery process immediately.”


Not only does the announcement have seismic implications for the president’s messaging, it will also have an impact on the logistics of his schedule just weeks before the Nov. 3 election. Trump had already canceled a rally in Florida on Friday, and the revelation of his positive result raised questions about his ability to hold rallies, fundraisers and participate in presidential debates scheduled later this month.

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    A biological weapon from CCP hit the target 🎯

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    Simpsons prediction better come true 😔🖐

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    well would you look at that

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    Praying for the President and first lady

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    I don’t buy it hahaha I smell some BS

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    Get well soon.

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    God bless America

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    Trump got hit , waiting for the Biden to get it because they were in the same room . When the major rulers around the world gets hit you can expect peace ✌️ for a short while . Let’s see.

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    2020 is on the up and up

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    Gerald Johnson Ras Jahson

    Karma!!!!!!!!!!!! It finally caught him!!!!!!! Babylon will burn!!!!!!!!!!!

    FYI Draft Dodger And Vladimir Putin Lovers
    My settings are set to block your ignorant comments so send as much as you want till you turn into a black man/woman. I will never get a notification of your messages. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    Jazmine Gutierrez

    Hopefully it’s true 🥰

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    Yeshua Saves Love one another

    Lies, lies, lies and more lies!!!!!!!

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    Perhaps he can shove that tremendous Bigly UV Light up his… and it will go away "like a miracle" 😆😁😂 🤣

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    And finally the US wakes up to some good Covid news – that's positive 👍🍻😄

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    Oh no! It's the end of the World! Some rich a-holes tested positive for the flu! Oh woe is me! They may not even really be sick, yet let's freak out over nothing!🙄


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    Coronovirus to Trump:
    "You're fired."

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    Sad to learn this. I wish both of them speedy recovery and hoping they both get well soon. I hope that the infection may reflect on Trumps' opinion differently for protection against covid19✌🏽👍🏽🇺🇸🌏

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    The Biden Team got access to Hope Weeks who spread it to the President

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    The Seeker of fun

    Back to the bunker for the required quarantine.

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    🎃 Your October Surprises! 🍂

    Could NOT Protect himself,  family or American People. Dumb, Dumber, Dumbest: NONE MASKER 100+ Idiots.

    🎃 Your October Surprises! 🍂

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