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Potlotek First Nation launches self-regulated lobster fishery

Nova Scotia’s second Indigenous-run, off-season lobster fishery officially began operating in southern Cape Breton Thursday.

Fishers from the Potlotek First Nation headed out on St. Peter’s Bay to trap lobsters outside the commercial fishing season, which runs from late April to late June.

The province’s other Indigenous, off-season fishery, in St. Mary’s Bay, is run by the Sipekne’katik First Nation and has faced resistance from non-Indigenous fishers angry that the lobsters are being trapped outside the commercial fishing season.

It’s part of an effort from Indigenous Canadians to assert their inherent right to fish for what’s called a “moderate livelihood.” But as Ross Lord explains, that’s amplifying calls for the federal government to clearly define what a “moderate livelihood” is.

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  1. Avatar
    shadowbanned bycbcctv

    Time to finish what the English and French didn't.

  2. Avatar

    respect first nation legacy and treaty..you john brownies..
    you can not take a crap on that legacy..
    Orbis spike 1610..stick a needle in your eye….
    lest god turn your lands to sand and flood…and brain disease now..if ju wish

  3. Avatar

    Terrible… they are all loaded with eggs… wait … then everyone will have enough

  4. Avatar

    So they get to ruin lobster fishing for future generations. This is ridiculous…

  5. Avatar
    Not Entirely Apathetic

    Fishing during the breeding season is just another way the First Nations are in balance with nature. Killing off the entire fishery is just good environmental stewardship.

    I’m certain that the Supreme Court ruling allowing First Nations people to fish out of season did not have commercial fishing operations in mind.

  6. Avatar

    The government is currently running a campaign to divide Canadians via race. They focused on blacks for awhile. Now indigenous. They are doing this to prepare for future protests and riots. They will label the protestors as being "racist" and dehumanizing them so that you don't care when they tear has and beat them.

  7. Avatar


  8. Avatar

    Huge obster boil down at the big teepee.

  9. Avatar

    Listen to the excellent Canadaland podcast about this issue. White guys trying to shut down FNs because settlers want to keep their Lobster price fixing scam going.

  10. Avatar

    Once the natives have depleted all the resources they will go crying to the government and blame it on the white man.

  11. Avatar

    The breeding season is based on price gouging consumers. There's no science behind a breeding season.

  12. Avatar
    individual lives matter

    End race based law

  13. Avatar

    No comment just here to see what's up in the world besides the end of mankind✌️

  14. Avatar

    I guess the rules don’t apply to everyone.

  15. Avatar

    At some point we will have to share limited resources.

  16. Avatar

    Ok time to get on board with the rest of Canada and follow the same rules as EVERYONE else in this country! Enough with the special rules for SPECIAL people. Your NATIVE land was seized when you lost the war. The treaty land you live on is FEDERAL land. Everyone else plays by the rules and throws a few bucks in taxes to help out, why are you not doing the same?

  17. Avatar

    WHERE is the Trump getting COVID news?!? I’m here to drink the tears of GlobalNews alt-right audiences’ tears LOL

  18. Avatar

    What’s even more ridiculous is to think that First Nations occupied every square inch of land before the settlers came. So to say the whole country is theirs is just insane. There is over 30million people in Canada now and we only occupy a small fraction of the land this beautiful country has to offer. Only takes a little common sense.

  19. Avatar

    Trudeau the Blackface hypocrite won't go near this. Want financial independence for your Tribe? So do I. You won't need government money now, and time to pay taxes on that catch too.

  20. Avatar

    Those boats and traps are cultural appropriation.

  21. Avatar

    Using traditional 300 hp diesel engine, gps navigation, marine radar, vhs radio, equipped vessels?

  22. Avatar

    Bye bye lobster.

  23. Avatar

    Commercial boats should have gone out with them, make this weak government have to take action.

  24. Avatar

    The NATIVE PEOPLE need RISE UP and FIGHT like they are from NORTH VIETNAM , enough of GREEDY $HAT from $COTLAND and their favorite flavour of IMMIGRANT of the DAY.

  25. Avatar

    Depleting the fisheries as a result

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