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Portland protests: American flags burned in the streets, no clashes with police

Protesters set fires in the streets of Portland, Oregon, early Saturday, but no clashes with authorities were reported.

Recently, federal agents withdrew from the city under a deal between Oregon’s governor and U.S. officials to end a deployment that saw escalating violence and a clash between Republican President Donald Trump and Democratic mayors over the use of federal force in their cities.

Trump sent federal forces to confront what he called a “beehive of terrorists” who had lit fires and broken windows at the Portland courthouse since late May when protests against police violence began after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

Portland officials said they took steps this week to meet protesters’ demands, with the city council approving a November ballot measure to overhaul police oversight.


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  1. Avatar
    Éamonn Síoċáin

    By whom? Who were the people who burned the flag. This isn't news.

  2. Avatar

    It’s time for these rioters to move to a different country! Get out!!

  3. Avatar

    We must find them and wipe the floors with them. Lazy bums go home , get a job . Worthless garbage.

  4. Avatar

    Send them to Gitmo and show them what real bad looks like.

  5. Avatar

    America is on fire.

  6. Avatar

    "Stars and Stripes" = Filthy RACIST Flag….

  7. Avatar
    Johnston Steiner

    This video is already showing flag burning so whats the deal with censoring the profanities

  8. Avatar
    Johnston Steiner

    1980s; foreign protestors burning us flags
    2020: americans burning their own flag

    Khomeini would be laughing so hard if he saw this

  9. Avatar
    Sabisch TruePain

    Shame on the flag burner's.

  10. Avatar

    The police got orders to stand down. So of course they didnt clash. Defunding the police brings in the millitary which is great for Israel.

  11. Avatar

    Just try burning a Russian flag! MAGA Americans would really get upset.

  12. Avatar

    Joe Biden Private jet landed on Pizza Island 🍕🏝 83 times between 1998 – 2016 from Air Traffic Control Registered Flight Plans 🛬

  13. Avatar
    James Scherbenske

    So what the ignorance about.

  14. Avatar

    How ironic cause America IS gonna burn .fire from God with the rest of this world.the wicked will burn with fire from God too.bye!!!

  15. Avatar


  16. Avatar
    Trình Nguyễn Đình

    Yawn. Stupid and loud people want MAGA.

  17. Avatar

    dont burn the flag!! burn trump instead!!!!

  18. Avatar

    If these black people don't like the US, they should go back to the Africa.

  19. Avatar

    Disrespectful Degenerates.

  20. Avatar

    At least they're not burning buildings this time.

  21. Avatar

    That’s soo stupid

  22. Avatar

    Why are they cursing America…idiots, go live in a communist country then…smh. wish people like them had to leave…geeesh

  23. Avatar

    Seems to be one the most burnt flags in the modern world 🤦🏻‍♂️

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