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Pope Francis endorses same-sex civil unions

Pope Francis endorsed same-sex civil unions for the first time as Pope while being interviewed for the feature-length documentary Francesco. ‘Homosexual people have the right to be in a family. They are children of God,’ he said.   

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  1. Avatar

    He should have started with pedophilia as that would solve a lot of their troubles.

  2. Avatar

    Pope Francis is as about as satanic as they come. Maybe he should go back and read his Bible. Catholics are going down hill fast.

  3. Avatar

    The increasingly liberal "Catholic" Church is becoming more and more irrelevant. If Church wants to follow liberalism instead of god, then why would anyone need the Church?

  4. Avatar

    Alice Vill your comment is timely.
    Jesus gave signs of this present time. Matthew ch 24.

  5. Avatar

    wooooowww this comment section is full of weirdos

  6. Avatar

    Not even Muslims would allow this, lol…

  7. Avatar

    This is hilarious lmao

  8. Avatar

    This comment section breaks my heart. How dare anyone tell you who you can and cannot love? We need to support all God's children from all walks of life, and the fact that you are so against this just shows that you really do not care for the well-being of all people. This world exists for all of us, not just you close-minded folks. This is just the first step to getting equal rights for all of us, LGBTQIA+ needs to be supported now more than ever. This world would be a much more beautiful place if all showed some compassion and love for one another rather than hate and discrimination. It is not your life that is being affected by this. We need to all exist as EQUALS! Human rights exists for all of us!

  9. Avatar

    Like i need his approval… its 2020. Gays dont need a pope to tell us were human.

  10. Avatar

    may as well…he supports PEDOPHELIA!!

  11. Avatar

    you are quoting the holy fqther out of context again, his past sermons strongly advocates family values a man and a woman only

  12. Avatar

    Every good Catholic knows Catholic teaching comes from the CCC: Cathechism of the Catholic Church. The Pope is entitled to his own opinion.

  13. Avatar

    Francis looks like Satan's the true POPE is Benedict XVI

  14. Avatar

    Islam is the only fortress in face of Lucifer's ruling the world. Islam will win and humanity will be saved.

  15. Avatar

    Oh, sexual orientation which isn't a choice is now accepted by a group of people who believe in a weird old fairy tale. Beautiful stuff.

  16. Avatar

    finally the catholic church is turning it around FANTASTIC NEWS

  17. Avatar

    may God have mercy on us all. bunch of false prophets don' trust the church trust the scripture!

  18. Avatar

    Surprise surprise comments enabled!

  19. Avatar

    CBC, why would you allow your reporter to wear their mask on their chin like that? Totally defeats the purpose of wearing one!

  20. Avatar

    Pope versus God.
    We shall see who the final victor will be.
    Actually, I know Who the final Victor is.

  21. Avatar

    The first Pope I had respect for, HAD

  22. Avatar

    Big fan of Pope Frances, not so the old school RCC. He needs to address that the mark of Cane is not having his skin turned black. This was brought about after Abolition and the RCC was the leader in promoting intolerance with this lie. He needs to apologize in public to all people of color over this slight to help bring about healing and evolution. Please.

  23. Avatar

    Now we know who he truly is, and where he is going.

  24. Avatar

    Isn’t the pope supposed to do what the bible says ? ….I’m so lost how he can just go around deciding something

  25. Avatar
    Elizabeth Alvarez Mendoza

    The amount of ignorance I’m seeing in this comment section makes me sick. Please educate yourselves.

  26. Avatar

    Seems like he wants to touch some young boys himself so just make excuses. He should be removed from his position

  27. Avatar

    Finally, the followers can be like the leaders.

  28. Avatar

    Why don't you show what he says instead of having this lady tell us? Also a civil union is not marriage, a civil union is there to help protect your property and person if you live with somebody.

  29. Avatar


  30. Avatar

    Terrible reporter

  31. Avatar

    Unless I hear it myself, I so not believe!

  32. Avatar

    He's a traitor to the church

  33. Avatar

    Lefties should be even more crazy than that and destroy all your believes and faith. Bring people to hell!

  34. Avatar

    cbc so quite to jump on this ! wonder why

  35. Avatar

    If you think this is a problem, you are the problem

  36. Avatar

    His intentions are probably pure, but this will result in nothing but chaos. Roman Catholics have always been about upholding tradition.

  37. Avatar
    Carolyn & Colin Hogarth

    This makes me so happy. Because Human Rights are being Valued. Thank you…Carolyn D Hogarth

  38. Avatar

    Jesus would not approve!!! The Pope is a tool of EVIL!!!

  39. Avatar

    Just before the U.S. election?

  40. Avatar

    I was just thinking how corrupt the church is and now this

  41. Avatar

    I knew it…not surprised..who cares..

  42. Avatar

    What a Heretic, i ask that our Orthodox brothers beat some sense on to this heretical pope. Lord help the pope he does not know what he does.

  43. Avatar

    He Disgraces every christian on earth by doing this.

  44. Avatar

    Catholic homophobes stay mad

  45. Avatar

    The antichrist constantly leading others into hell saying, don't look down the sides. He makes a mockery whispering, "I am your god…it's ok"

  46. Avatar


  47. Avatar

    Over due and well done.

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