Home / News / Pompeo calls Pelosi's 25th Amendment bill a 'political stunt'

Pompeo calls Pelosi's 25th Amendment bill a 'political stunt'

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo talks to Fox News’ Dana Perino about the 25th Amendment, China and the Hillary Clinton email probe.

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  1. Avatar

    History won't be kind to you, Mike Pompeo.

  2. Avatar

    "… on the CCPvirus we do have a good choice of the solution whether we shall have to get rid of one first or both at the same time…!? Just making sure that they'll have to pay for the damages to US…All…and the rest of the world too…! If we'll do it right, we just may be able to liberating all Chinese and its occupied territories from CCP, PLA and its agents …iron fist rules and control apparatus…!?"

  3. Avatar

    Pelosi is basically saying Democrats don't want another economic comeback and phuck America.

  4. Avatar

    Sounds like a good way to remove biden if elected

  5. Avatar

    Hillery needs to be in prison

  6. Avatar

    lol, so Pelosi's bill is a stunt? Pompeos struggle to release 33000 of Hillary's emails is not? Come on Pompeo….you're as stupid and worthless as your boss! Pelosi's bill could be useful should there ever be "another trump" but I think the country has had enough of all his "winning" up to now, don't you?

  7. Avatar

    How Harris thinks that Russia is the main threat whereas its China & Iran who are trying to harm USA. She is totally uneducated on national security.

  8. Avatar

    Trump's covid-19 was a political stunt too!

  9. Avatar

    – Trump has no plan to protect us seniors, no plan to protect our health, our health care or social security

  10. Avatar

    All of our favorite celebrities don't realize that if Biden wins, America will become socialist.

  11. Avatar
    Felipe Photons-com

    0:31 Hillary Clinton emails

  12. Avatar

    – Amy Coney Barrett is anti-2 amendment – she is going to take our guns away

  13. Avatar

    A real pleasure to watch him and to listen to this gentleman, an oasis of peace, a bulwark of assurance who will help to throw the dynamite of TRUTH right into the eye of a foul stinking tornado carrying a cesspool of lies and evil against the BESTEST president and administration the USA ever had.

  14. Avatar

    Pelosi is such an insult to America. She is just the biggest joke as a Speaker of the house. Complete embarrassing woman.

  15. Avatar

    My biggest fear going forward should Biden win is that one day I'm going to wake up and see Kamala Harris sitting at the president's desk in the Oval Office. If that doesn't scare you nothing will. Get out there on Nov. 3rd and vote in person for Trump.

  16. Avatar

    Biden is not smart enough to see through this. They are trying to put the fix in now. America do we want Harris for president ?

  17. Avatar

    Cambodian new oct1o20

  18. Avatar

    Mike does the deep state right. Like Haspel they keep a low profile and resist quietly and effectively. Notice the smirk as he answers that he is going to do something. Does he look like a guy thats going to do something? Or has done something? No…..he looks like a sneaky guy with a secret that is lying to us.

  19. Avatar

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  20. Avatar

    Thank-you Secretary Pompeo for your service! You have done such a great job for our country. Four more years!!!

  21. Avatar

    Pompeo sucks

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