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Polo G – Be Something (Official Audio) ft. Lil Baby

Official audio for “Be Something” by Polo G featuring Lil Baby.

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  1. Avatar

    Polo G>Snitch9

  2. Avatar
    Candee Mcdonald

    This could be lil 2 pac from Chicago shit why not this nigga didnt give us time to be ready HOLD ON WE WASNT READY YET!!!!!!!!

  3. Avatar
    Complicated Ghana


  4. Avatar
    Steele Fishing

    I just started listening to polo and so far he ain't got a bad song and it's like hes telling us a story in a song my new top 3 rapper hes fireee

  5. Avatar

    bruh this song is so chill and it slaps

  6. Avatar
    Dragonfly James

    He speaks from the heart. He is going to last and be a legend.

  7. Avatar

    Keep starving your distractions, Stay feeding your Focus
    Stay down for that Crown…

  8. Avatar

    Is it just me or lil baby shouldn't been on the song?🤷🏾‍♂️

  9. Avatar

    Now I say less cause I'm speechless 🙊

  10. Avatar

    I wasn’t feelin lil baby on this tbh

  11. Avatar
    All you Need Is Tattoo

    If you like the Tattoos Watch mi Chanel! Grettings from Chile 🇨🇱

  12. Avatar

    Hello everyone, watch CNCO Latin boy band new video honey boo it's fire:

  13. Avatar
    K'jade Martin aka JUMPMAN

    yo polo g when u made flex in the studio where was juice wrld i tought he was dead i mean he my fav so i want to know more or someone explain to me please

  14. Avatar

    This this have kinda the same flow as his other song “heartless”? Still a fire song I’m just curious

  15. Avatar
    pratik lamichhane

    I have to keep coming back cuz this song is straight heat.

  16. Avatar
    pratik lamichhane

    The people that disliked this song are people that haven't done anything successful in life, so they hate successful people.

  17. Avatar

    "Really you don't even gotta be here, i done got so use to people leavin" 😔

  18. Avatar

    Shoulda kept the other verse still it slapped 💯💯

  19. Avatar
    Lucas Goldenberg

    this album so fire …..fr

  20. Avatar


  21. Avatar

    RAPPERS ❗❕

    Trap Beats for $1 🔥.

  22. Avatar

    Polo g do a song with nba youngboy

  23. Avatar
    Fahrenheit05 Mazuka

    This song is so nice to listen to.

  24. Avatar

    My Album Fire?

  25. Avatar
    Fadia Dieujuste

    Polo g stay snapping!! Follow me on ig@ ace_king26

  26. Avatar
    Magazine Watts

    Polo g album is fire 🔥
    Show me some #love too

  27. Avatar

    make my dream come true, which is to reach a thousand subscribers please enter the link below and subscribe

  28. Avatar

    his whole album is a message. Polo g just wants the world to be a better place. Polo g wants to live in god's image. Man I just wish that all of this hatred never existed.

  29. Avatar

    This whole album goes so hard dude 😛

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