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Polls show Biden leading, but these swing voters favor Trump

Polls show a widening lead for former Vice President Joe Biden, even in traditional swing states; but in focus groups among actual swing voters, it seems President Donald Trump still holds sway.

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    Really, these people are stupid voting for Trump, don't they see he don't care of the people in America, he only cares about himself and he is trying to stay in power for ever, just doing everything Putin is. He is not to be trusted.

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    ALL CLASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ALL BUSINESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Everything is identical to 2016 fake polls and all. Trump will crush Biden like a bug

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    •the guy showed a "group" of swing voters would take trump. Where is the data supporting that claim? I have monitored the election polls 2020 weekly if not daily. Secondly and more importantly, they questioned what Joe Biden has been doing all his career? He has been working and serving Americans. Why didn't they ask what drump has done entirely his career? He crashed his business one by one for bankruptcy, he used his university as scam, he cheated using charity, he pardons criminals. He should have been behind bars like his people, Cohen, Stone, Flinn…..he is a crook, and these people will vote again for this crook? Lock him up seems the right approach for his crimes•

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    Did Rami pay you guys to run this story? I’m sure that his principal representative clients in big oil don’t affect his bias at all, at least that’s what the 7 followers on LinkedIn say.

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    They have questions about Biden but not Trump? 😩 People are crazier than a MF’er Trump is just AS CRAZY! Doesn’t wear a mask,over 150k people dead from Covid and this man called it a Hoax! He has shown us he doesn’t give a damn about us! I would vote for Kermit the Frog before TRUMP ANY DAY!

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    biden i think is more capable.

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    marianne samuelsen

    Biden has done nothing? So then you swing voters would vote for Trump because he is in control himself?? Dumbest thing I have ever heard! Get Trump out and Biden in because it does not matter how Biden is! He is 100000 times better than having Trump in the WH!!

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    How is this possible???? They LIKE where we are? I don't understand.

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    The Lincoln Project are real conservatives. What’s left of today’s dwindling GOP are RINO’s – anti American, big government, uninformed, isolationist, anti Science, huge deficit running traitors to America . Have fun following your dear leader over the cliff. #AmericaOrTrump

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    오공보틀 5.0. Bottle


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    CNN polls are fake, Donald Trump will remain president for the second term.

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    The real question is, how can so many people be so stupid? I mean come on… Wouldn't you actually want someone else but trump running the country LOL, I mean look what happens when you let Trump run the country, it literally falls apart, Given it's because america is fragile from being held up by a strawman economy since almost no one actually has money besides the rich class. But in three years he managed to basically destroy huge facets of democracy and enrich himself beyond belief well doing nothing about the death and suffering.

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    mr ady and mim yay

    Trust me, you don't need to vote, it's already in the bag. Stay home, smoke pot, do your gaming and watch porn. Biden can't lose.

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    That's depressing to hear in the morning. That there are people out there that still see Trump with his idiocy and treasonous criminal behavior as votable.

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    Biden hatred if blacks….Lock the S.O.B.s Up’: Joe Biden and the Era of Mass Incarceration

    He now plays down his role overhauling crime laws with segregationist senators in the ’80s and ’90s. That portrayal today is at odds with his actions and rhetoric back then.

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    This is like him buying tons of goods and products from China for his properties as he is signing trade deals with China and telling Americans to buy American goods and manufacturing should come back to U.S. He swims in his own swamp!

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    swing voter : "biden has never done anything… let trump do more… already killed 150 000 persons, ruined the economy, built 3 miles of wall, separated thousands of families, … good start"

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    What is wrong with any swing voter choosing trumpski

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    But don't the cabinet actually run the country?

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    This persons putting their two cents on Biden how much are they paid, PEOPLE WAKE UP !!!!!!!!!!!!

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    What do you get when two Trump Supporters hook up at a Trump rally?

    V.D. and an unexpected pregnancy because violation of rights to make someone wear a condom.

    A pregnancy with complications because won’t wear a mask. Possibly loss of one or both parents of child.

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    Biden was the 2nd most powerful man on earth & he chose to rob Americans blind

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    Joe Biden is not running a campaign his name is.

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    Like or not Trump is winning 2020 election.

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    swing voters are for Trump they are not swing voters

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    Independent voters right now favor Biden, not trump. That and the suburbs will decide this election

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    Why buy TIK TOK when You can create a better version exclusive to America for privacy and information protection "! Do not give China a large sum of our Cash for Stupid shit $$$,,,, DONT BE STUPID !!!?,,,,

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    It's too early in the morning for this.

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    baiden su baidu

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    This guy is so right about “outside events” playing a part in this election—like the Russians interfering in our election again.

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    When are the debates again? I need to see a side by side comparison before deciding my vote

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