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Polls close in Bolivia’s high-stakes presidential election

Vote counting is underway in Bolivia, in a presidential election many hope will restore stability.
The leading contenders are a former minister of economy and former President Carlos Mesa.
Bolivia was plunged into political crisis last October when then-president Evo Morales sought a fourth term.
It sparked protests that forced him out of office.

Al Jazeera’s Teresa Bo reports from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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  1. Avatar
    Enchantress Death

    Well, all the polls seem to indicate that Luis Acre and the Movement for Socialism (MAS) will rather decisively place first, at least in the first round.
    But if they don't gain an outright majority and a second round commences, if supporters of opposition leaders Luis Fernando Camacho (of the Creemos alliance- generally the more definitively right-wing conservatives) and Carlos Mesa (of the Revolutionary Left Front and Civic Community alliance, generally the center-left, social democrats, centrists, liberal faction) pool their votes together behind a common candidate (most likely Mesa, judging from the polls), they could really be neck-to-neck with Acre and MAS.

  2. Avatar

    Arce won First round + 50%

    Evo morales 👍❤️🇹🇷

  3. Avatar

    I hope they've learned from past mistakes. Reform the police and army. Give the natives more power.

  4. Avatar

    Vivo Morales

  5. Avatar
    Bodhisatwa Banerjee

    Death to USA!!!! Long live the revolution!! Long live Morales!!!!!Death to capitalism!!!

  6. Avatar

    The Bolivian people must form a vanguard to protect against more attacks from the american imperialists. Even here in the belly of the beast people support you evo!

  7. Avatar

    FYI. After the election you will have lots of deaths in bolivia. A good way to spread covid.

  8. Avatar


  9. Avatar

    Get recked Elon

  10. Avatar

    Coup they did Coup to a elected leader. Wow this vid sound misleading. Bernie Sanders was right about the military Coup of a left wing leader.

  11. Avatar

    Carlos Mesa is funded by American Republican and neo liberal

  12. Avatar

    Congratulations to the people of Bolivia! They took back their country from a US-instigated right-wing coup, because President Evo Morales (the real legitimate President) had worked for Bolivian interests, ensured the wealth of Bolivia went to its people, and under Morales' leadership, poverty has plummeted (especially among native Americans) while Bolivia's economy grew 5-6% every year. Hooray to Bolivia's people! And death to American imperialism.

  13. Avatar

    There was not that much fraud go cause a coup. Ask Elon Musk what happened, ask the minority whom funded them. Such rubbish. For factual content on this matter follow the Grayzone and see award winning investigative journalist Matt and his crew digest it for you

  14. Avatar
    British Comedy Bronco Rothschild Triple Agent

    There was zero fraud from Morales!!! CIA FRAUD YES!!!

  15. Avatar
    British Comedy Bronco Rothschild Triple Agent

    There is NO pandemic it is fake. CIA OPERATION!!!

  16. Avatar

    Muhammad is a pig 🐖

  17. Avatar

    Muhammad is a pig 🐽

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