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Poll Finds Biden With 14 Point Lead Over Trump | NBC Nightly News

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s lead over President Trump has nearly doubled, according to a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll. While the president is hospitalized for coronavirus, Biden is set to travel to Miami on Monday for a town hall with NBC’s Lester Holt.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Poll Finds Biden With 14 Point Lead Over Trump | NBC Nightly News

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  1. Avatar

    I hope the right knows that once Biden's elected there will be no more right or left. Now we can finally get back to some normalcy. All you so-called right need to know that there was never the division there was today between Democrat and Republican before Trump was elected. The right call themselves so-called Americans but yet they are dividing us it's not biden that's dividing us, its the so-called right that are dividing us. But once Biden's elected all of us real politic Watchers can finally get back to policies and really focusing on America. Trump created this whole charade and Division and hate between us here in America. I can't wait for Biden to be elected.

  2. Avatar

    Trump 2020

  3. Avatar

    Yep, Clinton in 2016 with a double digit lead..Media: no way she Loses..lol..

  4. Avatar

    Where did they find Biden with a 14 point lead? In a dumpster filled with discarded mail in ballots for Trump, or in a truck filled with fake ballots for Biden. Perhaps both?

  5. Avatar

    "Oregon Democrat Corrections Employee pulls knife on Trump supporter." on YouTube

  6. Avatar

    IF THE liberal Media was smart they would not show a lame poll with Biden ahead..they would show Him behind..but Noooo Let's show America how Stupid We are..did they not learn anything from 2016..lmao

  7. Avatar

    Still voting for Trump! No chance for that communist sympathizer Dems!! No Way!!!

  8. Avatar

    I'm Single 😍😥

  9. Avatar

    Who’s the sick, decrepit one now ?

  10. Avatar

    Our president of the United States will win the election thumbs down for Biden thumbs up for Trump and I will keep praying for Trump and all my friends are praying for him so I don't worry about how much further Biden is everybody will come to the conclusion that Trump will win you just wait and see

  11. Avatar

    I will believe your polls when pigs fly. TRUMP 2020

  12. Avatar

    Joe is almost a vegetable!

  13. Avatar

    The democrat party is corrupt and a joke the silent majority knows!

  14. Avatar

    Jewish war vets for Trump

  15. Avatar

    Trump has paid actors cheering him among the crowds.

  16. Avatar

    Fake , meaningless poll! Only polled 800 voters for this poll

  17. Avatar

    Polls made with BLM and Antifa members only. They are so dumb in both ways.

  18. Avatar


  19. Avatar

    I don't believe you fake news there is no way possible yeah I will do anything you can to make him look bad and think he's loose but he's not thank you very much God bless Donald J Trump and his family you news people always like to twist things around those poles don't mean crap to me cuz I know it's not true thank you again Trump 20/20

  20. Avatar

    The California propositions are all stupid.

  21. Avatar

    Yes and Im your Daddy media idiots!

  22. Avatar

    Fake news as always.

  23. Avatar
    Pastor / Prophet Limen k Kenneth

    Joe abused the president of America as a clown and he’s having better temperament by your polls ? Joe campaign is based on polls and black women backs

  24. Avatar

    Yeah right ! Biden’s brain is Swiss cheese but he’s gonna win. Not without dishonesty, lying and cheating.. should we be surprised by this piece of fake news?

  25. Avatar

    Trump gave it a shot, oh well. 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 maga!

  26. Avatar

    I dont believe that no one in their right mind would vote for Biden WOW

  27. Avatar

    Vote Pelosi and that whole crowd out Im sick of her lies and BS

  28. Avatar

    So so shame on you evil media. Fake fake news

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