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Political experts weigh in on Pence, Harris VP debate | Nightline


ABC News contributors Rahm Emanuel, Sara Fagen, Yvette Simpson and Matt Dowd talk about the vice president and Democratic senator’s responses regarding COVID-19, jobs and racial tensions in the U.S.



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    I guess this isn't bias right? Calling someone perfect at the first question?

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    ! Finely Republicans reveal who they are https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=%23walkawaycampaign

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    See those thumbs? THOSE are the "experts" not a liberal panel.

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    When you talk to four butt plugs, you're bound to smell some sh*t.

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    Even though Pence did really good with the "pack the courts" attack, Charlottesville-selected editing from the media, "losers and suckers" story being debunked, Biden's high taxes, Green New Deal, fracking/no fracking from Biden's team. He could also attack Harris with her calling Biden a racist and rapist. We love to see her reaction even though she got destroyed. lol

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    Fact checkers prove ABC is a disgrace.

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    Yvette 🙌🏽💓

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    This is disgusting how does anyone watch this garbage

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    Joe - Pepe Figueroa

    There used to be a time that when you saw the news either in paper or on TV or even the radio you could believe it recently the news has moved from the Center over to the left and it’s very obvious please come back to Center

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    A woman should have a right to choose but not when the baby is being born at that point it's murder

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    Unlikable personality and demeanor. No substance. Detrimental to Biden's election hopes!

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    Just a reminder:
    Dec 3, 2019: China admits to a cluster of cases of acute respiratory illness in Wuhan
    Jan 7th: China confirmed the cluster us caused by novel coronavirus
    Jan 7th: CDC establishes incident management team of experts

    Jan 21st: the first confirmed case of Covid in the USA

    Jan 21st: CDC sends a team to Wuhan to do a 10 day investigation

    Jan 29th: THREE DAYS before the CDC returns with their findings, President Trump restricts travel to China, (effective Feb 2 to allow US citizens to get HOME)
    The Democrats and media call him RACIST for doing so! He doesn’t care and proceeds.

    Jan 31: A state of emergency is declared
    by the CDC

    Feb 4: 11 confirmed cases have been reported in the USA
    Daily briefings, lifting regulations so we could manufacture PPE and respirators in America, mobilizing the biggest domestic manufacturing of supplies operation since World War 2, lifting restrictions on truck drivers so they could deliver food and supplies all over the USA, implementing PPP program to save millions of jobs, sending naval hospital ship to the east and west coast, giving local governments the power to implement restrictions which made sense for their citizens… I’m sorry but I can’t see WHAT ELSE he could have done!!

    Trump not closing travel would have made this way worse. Had Obama restocked our reserve of respirators and PPE after the H1N1 outbreak we would have not had a shortage for a month.
    Let’s face it, Trump is an incredible leader in a crisis. The media focused on the messenger not the message!!!
    The Dems were against closing travel. Against lifting regulations. Against a reopen plan.
    I’m DONE WITH THE DEMOCRATS!!! They put politics over people. They are hateful and angry and power hungry.

    Oh my source? The CDC WEBSITE!!

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    Remember the Clinton days when they said “abortions should be safe, legal and RARE”?
    The rare part is because they know it’s not an easy choice, they know it doesn’t empower women, they know that no woman walks out of an abortion clinic a better woman, they know that they put clinics in poor black neighborhoods for a reason, they know abortion is immoral.
    They know they use abortion to keep the black population down. (53% of black babies are aborted)
    This whole shout your abortion movement is to normalize what should be the absolute last option.
    Look I don’t judge women who have them. I was one of the less than 1% of women who had one after a sexual assault. I grieve for the child I killed. I wish I had chosen adoption. I was young, scared, alone. I wish I could speak to my younger self and tell her to stop, choose adoption.
    And because it ruined my uterus and I can’t have children now. Abortion is a brutally violent act and should be viewed as such. I hope we stop talking about it like it’s as easy as clipping your toe nails. Smh

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    Pence obviously won; anyone who says otherwise is a hack.

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    Proof you are all Liars!
    Media Cries "Mansplaining" as Pence DISMANTLES Harris and Biden

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    Jesus. What planet does Sara Fagen live on? Clearly not Earth.

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    Its a virus you idiots, everyone is going to gey!! Harris the bimbo, if the little girl can't "DEBATE" AFTER ALL ITS A DEBATE, little girl has to leave the arena, you all communists media built her up as a strong woman, and than when is debate time go around saying "that poor little girl and mansplain" what ever the hell that means, it is very dumb, the creepy laughing, smirking it makes my skin crawls, no thanks, America deserves better, and we already have better
    TRUMP/PENCE 2020

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    Fake Democrat experts. Governors are responsible for each state so stop blaming Trump fake news.

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    The VP debate was race between a brand new Ferrari formula one against a used Cuban bicycle.

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    This is such a joke.
    Harris embarrassed herself.

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    While you're wasting your time beating up Republicans…China… your real enemy…is already preparing your next pandemic virus. Haha… coming soon to a town near you.

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    Rahm emmanuel has an Israeli passport, Ask him how they treat the Palestinians, it is amazing how anything American has to be changed but Anything israeli is hard and fast. Double Standards

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    By powerhouse you mean communist propagandists

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    Lmao do these demons even look and see no one cares about them any more lmao the american people have voted you fools off the island

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    Kamala was terrible and lied several times! ABC is full of liars, terrible media!

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    Americans PLEASE don't listen to fake news,they All bought by the Communism.
    PLEASE HELP! do your part to save the world from the Communism, or just for your freedom, PLEASE vote for THE REPUBLICANS PARTY!!!!
    The Republicans WIN the Communism LOSE !

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    Kamala was Emotional and Menopausal that’s Dangerous for any country who has Nuclear Codes 👀

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    Experts ,the first guy what was that laughing about

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