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Police Who Surprised Everyone With Their Sense Of Humor

Police Who Surprised Everyone With Their Sense Of Humor

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    Couldn't see these to well so stopped viewing at 2.5

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    My dog got picked up by the police. He wandered off when my uncle was watching him and was found near a school. The cops tried to bring him to our house, but no one was home. That's like the sixth time he got lost. 😒

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    These are just some of the cops making up for the pigs who wear the.same uniform. Let's all thank a good cop and report the bad ones. I took a case of water to my sheriffs office. they helped my wife after a deer strike that totalled the car.

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    I'm just waiting for a picture of police coming/chasing someone from some underground hole and the police would put the caption "F**k the police coming straight from the underground" (or at least that what I hear the song say)

  6. Avatar

    I love the po-po because my sissy is a po-po

  7. Avatar

    The funniest thing my police did was negotiate with a suspect via facebok to turn himself in if it go 15,000 likes, after about 30,000 likes he turned himself in😂

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    Is normal sense of humor on jobs

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    0:39 I don't see Queensland on videos that often lol

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    I loved the IT one! And the cops wearing pig noses! Oh heck, I liked all of them.

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    1:22 ummm what's with the clown in the sewer! 😱😈😯

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    A cop playing Magic The Gathering, is awesome. Lol

  14. Avatar

    I tell you the nsw police force are legends

    That’s why I always have a chat with them when they are on break at the shop

  15. Avatar

    they are human to…Some are bad some are really bad some are good and some are amazing. They are just us.

  16. Avatar

    7:09, “There should be a ‘captain’ in there somewhere!”

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    This video was great, but the text you put at the bottom covered the original writing on a lot of the pictures which ruined a lot of them.

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    Really really bad images and text😕

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