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Police officer in Chile accused of throwing teen from bridge

A police officer in Chile has been arrested after allegedly throwing a teenager from a bridge during a anti-government protest.
The officer has been detained on suspicion of attempted murder.
Protesters have taken to Chile’s streets for a year to call for more equality and recognition of their rights.
But the police have cracked down hard, prompting human rights organisations to condemn the brutality of Chile’s security forces.

Al Jazeera’s Lucia Newman reports from Santiago, Chile.

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    Police is another name of hooliganism.

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    Zahid Farzan Buksh

    Hehehe 😆
    Feel very sorry for that teenager.

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    In memory of Augusto Pinochet

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    so chile ran outta helicopters?

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    Mate fight for freedom we in Australia solute you.

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    Andethidial bubabibub

    They are aiming for the head

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    Armed forces in Latin America need to be extinguished. They only serve to murder and torture their own citizens.

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    Олег Щукин

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    Isis = comunist = terrorist = mapuxes

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