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Poles continue to protest over near-total abortion ban

Protesters continue to demonstrate in Poland following last week’s near-total ban on abortions.
A ruling by the country’s constitutional court means abortions may soon be legal only in extreme cases, including rape or incest.
Al Jazeera’s Neave Barker reports.

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  1. Avatar

    I think you freedom can ripoff if don't stand up for polish people remembers what is oppression is like

  2. Avatar

    Stop violence!

  3. Avatar

    Don't let them start abortion, it will lead to a long down ward spiral into communist anti conservatism

  4. Avatar

    Why don’t they try not to get pregnant in first place instead of abortion?

  5. Avatar

    Europe is First continent kills more children in The life then they talk about human right

  6. Avatar

    They say killing unborned childs is a human right…. No words.

  7. Avatar

    To have men decide how women's bodies are supposed to be treated is civilization undoing itself. Either respect science, or go ask your religious leader/ god to save you from all the illnesses that can be cured today and that will be cured in the future, Covid-19 included.

  8. Avatar

    So a child is born into total poverty… Government support next to nothing.
    Way to go in producing the next generation of criminals.

  9. Avatar

    oh so she fights for her daughter's future 😀 nice 😀
    why she doesn't protest against raising salaries and pensions by up to 28%?
    why she doesn't protest against 35 new taxes her daughter will have to pay
    why she doesn't protest against destroying polish economy forcing polish people to move abroad and substituting them with foreigners who obviously will remain silence for privilege of living in better country than they come from

    oh btw. I am pretty sure she is already taking a part of making enormous debt in name of her daughter causing poland to suffer from highest inflation ever seen 🙂

    please don't get mislead by this bs. this protest has been planned by government so they can manipulate nation, they want them to get divided. nobody gives a sh… about abortion whatsoever
    it's typical for polish government to drop for public a topic which will make toxicity among nation to force media to focus only about this, while actual changes to destroy freedom is getting through in silence

    edit: well done aljazeera, you know so much about poland so you claim yourself good enough to make a video about their situation.
    LAW AND JUSTICE (PiS) is right wing party? they are communists blinded by socialism – they have nothing in common with right 🙂 well done journalist!

  10. Avatar

    I would like to abort any religion that is against the right to choose to give birth. That is a big financial decision that religion needs to stay away from.

  11. Avatar

    The real horrors of abortion occur wherever a safe,legal one is banned.

  12. Avatar

    Health issue (body or mental) yes i agree on abortion but other than that don't get pregnant and be responsible with your choice.

  13. Avatar

    W imieniu kibiców i grup współpracujących z nami przestrzagam wszystkich chcących zaatakować kościoły oraz inne chrześcijańskie obiekty np pomniki w Warszawie Łodzi Wrocławiu Poznaniu Kielcach Radomiu i innych miastach.Każdy atak będzie odparty za pomocą dostępnych nam środków.Nie będziemy zwracać uwagi kto stoji przed nami kobiety czy mężczyzny krew wasza spłynie ulicami przy każdym ataku.

  14. Avatar

    Don't be like the United snakes

  15. Avatar
    El Final de Los Tiempos Optica Católica

    All those damned who support abortion, it would be better if they went to China, there it is allowed.

  16. Avatar
    El Final de Los Tiempos Optica Católica

    Europe is taking China's first place in murdering babies. Good for Poland

  17. Avatar

    This is such an odd thing to try and protest. "ALLOW ME TO CHOOSE IF I WANT TO KILL MY BABY!"

  18. Avatar

    This people are stupid

  19. Avatar

    The contraceptive pill and condoms are now too expensive so I want the State to kill my baby!

  20. Avatar

    No killing babies good on you Poland.

  21. Avatar

    Skrobią się, aż cipy furczą….translate please….

  22. Avatar

    If Americans don’t wake up vote trump out we next

  23. Avatar

    1:26 PiS kinda sus

  24. Avatar

    0:25 Someone please tell her that there are millions of women being aborted every year across the world. If she wants to fight for the right's of her daughter, she should start with the unborn women.

  25. Avatar

    Oh no, I'll have to kill my child myself instead of going to a doctor. Whatever shall I do?
    -Roastie, probably

  26. Avatar


  27. Avatar

    Shame on you Poland president!

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