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Poland's "LGBT-free zones" causes global outcry for action

Poland is getting international attention right now for all the wrong reasons. This year at least 100 communities have declared themselves LGBT free zones. Dozens of countries including Canada have condemned the action. Now, at least a Canadian organization that helps LGTB people help flee persecution and violence is expecting people to flee Poland. Mike Drolet explains.


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    In terms of freedom and democracy, there is no justification for these LGBT-free zones, because it explicitly restricts the freedom of individuals of your country. It's not really a matter of liberal or conservative politics, it is illiberal and authoritarian politics. Populists just keep on calling everything they don't like as communism, where ironically they are the ones who are being the most communist themselves. Commies don't like listening to other opinions. Commies will also call all press media they don't agree with "the enemy of the people." The Chinese Communist party does that all the time. We can't even count the number of journalists that they've imprisoned.

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    Looks like westerners' lifes became so easy, that the only concern of theirs nowadays are their sexual preferences and how to tell about it to the public. In Poland, noone actually cares what your orientation is, unless you make a noise about it yourself. The so called LGBT free zones were just a performance of some lgbt activist. In reality, some cities proclaimed to support traditional family values, that's all. If someone takes it as an attack on lgbt, well, it's that person's problem. Still, good pretext to portray Poland in a bad way, for those who hate it or those who hate its government.

  3. Avatar

    Why can't straight people have their own "Safe spaces"
    If i recall LGBTQ didn't like the straight pride parade 🤷

  4. Avatar

    The guy in the thumbnail looks like Orlando Bloom's doppelganger.

  5. Avatar
    Audio Production/Music Production Course

    Distraction. They lock you down and enslave you. But you think about gays in Poland? Omg

  6. Avatar

    🤦‍♀️….blah …blah…blah…

  7. Avatar

    Distraction. Focus on stupid lockdown and corrupt gov

  8. Avatar

    Rights for straights ,how about that?

  9. Avatar

    I am starting to get tired of this community pushing their beliefs on other people. They went from fighting for equality to demanding the rest of the population to cater to their needs and beliefs.

  10. Avatar

    Nothing wrong with this.

  11. Avatar
    Wasteland Raider2025

    Sad to see, LGBT are not a threat and I hope they find a way.

  12. Avatar

    Free zone sign were put by leftist activist who got stipendium from B.Obama.
    Now figure out why there is such attack on Poland.

  13. Avatar

    This sounds like it has much less to do with gays and much more to do with countering toxic leftist culture thats permeating other nations.

    They even said being gay isn't illegal they just don't want leftist propaganda being taught in schools.

  14. Avatar

    I will always respect Polish people for this

  15. Avatar

    Don't come to the UK go to Belgium.

  16. Avatar

    I'm homophobic.
    What are you gonna do about it.
    I have freedom of thought.

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