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Poland: scuffles erupt as thousands protest against abortion ban

Police in Warsaw clashed with protesters during demonstrations against a constitutional tribunal ruling that imposes a near-total ban on abortion. Tens of thousands of people rallied across Poland on Friday, defying the country’s tight coronavirus restrictions
Pro-choice protesters march in Polish cities amid abortion ban anger

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  1. Avatar

    Look at the 99% there

  2. Avatar
    Gothic Dragon warrior Queen

    Give it all you got ,my friends in Poland! Abortion is definitely a crime ! Trump loves you !🇺🇲😉❤👍

  3. Avatar

    Why should an innocent unborn child die because of the selfish actions of the mother?

  4. Avatar
    Aditya Banerjee_1

    Why can't people just accept that bringing unwanted children in the world only makes the children's lives worse….

  5. Avatar

    It’s happening all over the world

  6. Avatar

    Anyone else confused how anyone can represent these interactions as 'scuffles', the language doesn't seem to do justice to the intensity of the two opposing sides and the violence which is ensuing…

  7. Avatar

    Geez stick up for what is right and there doing what they think is right 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

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    Benutzt Präservative, dann braucht ihr kein Leben zu toten!

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    Macht so weiter, es muss Frieden einkehren

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    Abortion ban is the pure crime against free will of women.

  11. Avatar

    Learn how to use protection.. problem solved

  12. Avatar

    Abortion is wrong. No one would recommend it to a friend or loved one period. Use contraceptives if u want too sleep around

  13. Avatar

    Why is it that for women the right to have or not is again under the contention and control of a predominately male hierarchy?

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    Don't tread on women!

  15. Avatar
    Keep Calm And Travel On

    Enough is enough

  16. Avatar

    No abortion…..

  17. Avatar

    Freedom to murdering babies.

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