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Poland protests: Thousands flood Warsaw streets demonstrating against abortion ruling for 9th day

Flares lit up Warsaw city centre on Friday as tens of thousands of people from across Poland joined a march in a Polish capital, the biggest in nine days of protests against a ruling by the country’s top court last week that amounted to a near-total ban on abortion in the predominantly Catholic nation.

The demonstration started in three different locations around the city from which the protesters marched at the main roundabout near the iconic Palace of Culture, passing by governmental offices and parliament buildings.

Crowds later moved near the house of the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski in an affluent Warsaw neighbourhood, as police in vans with flashing lights kept them away and a helicopter hovered overhead.

Military police lined the streets, some of them in riot gear, as the demonstration began.

Organizers said some 100,000 people gathered in the capital, following a Constitutional Court ruling on October 22 outlawing abortions due to fetal defects, ending the most common of the few legal grounds left for abortion in Poland and setting the country further apart from the European mainstream.

Daily protests have taken place in towns and cities across the country in the past week, and have turned into an outpouring of anger against the nationalist Law and Justice (PiS) government and the Roman Catholic church closely allied with the ruling party.

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  1. Avatar

    Yes, it is civilization war..
    Between life and death..,
    I think about child life..

  2. Avatar

    Don't piss off Poles because you won't win anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Avatar

    Birthrates are about to plummet world wide that's the real reason, they want enough kids being born to sustain their country. Idiots fighting for the right to kill children are going to be the end of their own country. 🤷

  4. Avatar
    Kûrvi Tasch the Dictator

    healthcare pls

  5. Avatar

    Fight as if you could have children and you wanted them to have the ability to have children without someone sterilizing them with a vaccine. But from the comments I can tell how many morons are wasting oxygen and should help the world by Suicide

  6. Avatar

    someone with a fyre festival 2020 sign? lmao, but why?

  7. Avatar

    oni tylko przeklinac i niszczyc potrafia , nie popieram takich rozwiazan

  8. Avatar


  9. Avatar

    What is happening?? Why people are protesting??

  10. Avatar

    currently, the Polish government is demotratic and the best govenment since the communist era. 30% of the strikers are underage girls, they have a fun. It is shocking women are voulgar, they carring slogans with curses. It is the margine of society. The churches are attacked and demolished by rhe wilderness. The strike is being manipulated by the opposition communist party, who lost the election 6 years ago and cannot accept it. This is not peaceful protest

  11. Avatar
    Marleo CjsdJostCte

    Make Democracy Great Again.
    Make Number of Demecracy Morons Explode Again.

  12. Avatar

    Freedom and democracy are god

  13. Avatar

    Praying for the ruling to stand, in Jesus Name. From Canada.

  14. Avatar

    Took me awhile to realise it didn't say Portland

  15. Avatar

    I present to you “democracy”

  16. Avatar
    Jasmine Pothumulla

    For those who don’t know what are the people protesting about.
    The government together with church had decided that women have no right to choose abortion if the fetus is genetically damaged.
    It’s really not about the abortion act, it’s about freedom of choice.

  17. Avatar
    Pedo phile Muhammad

    The Poland's Bolshevik Law and Justice party, guiding principle is : Divide and Rule. The supporters of this Bolshevik party have become completely immune to corruption scandals and destruction of democratic foundations such as independent courts, the Constitutional Tribunal, Prosecutors Office. Even the Catholic Church has become a politicized mouthpiece for the ruling party propaganda. It's shocking how quickly the democracy can be stifled.

  18. Avatar

    I stand for Poland!

  19. Avatar


  20. Avatar

    Some protest against the governement itself and dont care much about abortion actually

  21. Avatar

    Yawn. Feminists/pseudo-communists go home.

  22. Avatar

    Poland, Hungary and Visegrad Group – liberal economy but conservative values!

  23. Avatar

    The funniest fact is that current anti-abortion law in Poland was introduced 27 years ago and signed by post-communist president Kwasniewski.
    Now his wife and daughter are supporting protesters… Lefties and commies logic.

  24. Avatar

    Protesters: mostly uneducated, manipulated youngsters and LGBT and gender activists.
    Destroying some churches and national historical monuments.
    "Liberal western ideas"… No thanks!

  25. Avatar

    There is no corona in Poland?

  26. Avatar

    Protes Polandia : Ribuan orang membanjiri jalan – jalan Warsawa berdemonstrasi menentang keputusan aborsi untuk hari ke – 9

  27. Avatar

    These commies gathered today in Warsaw dancing techno music despite of COVID restrictions. Chanting mostly: "F..k the government!" "It's a war!" and "Free abortion!".
    They messed a few churches and national monuments (Memorial of II World War Heroes) with vulgar slogans. The called even German's antifa for help (!)
    But they're in minority: polish voters are divided 50/50 – half conservatives and half post-commies and "liberals".
    As a reaction a thousands of polish nationalists, young catholics and simply football fans constitute quickly National Guard and they effectively protect public property and churches.

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