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Poland abortion law: Protests continue amid new abortion ruling

Protests continue in Poland against the new ruling on abortion. Nationwide demonstration have taken place in the country. A spy working for Poland’s equivalent of MI5 has been arrested after ploughing his car into a group of women protesting against the country’s new abortion laws. It follows a ruling by the country’s Constitutional Tribunal court that abortion due to foetal defect was unconstitutional, a decision which has sparked outrage across the county. Earlier, glamorous TV presenter Zaneta Rosinska from the state-owned TVP3 channel quit her job in disgust at the new laws. Poland’s President Andrzej Duda said women themselves should have the right to abortion in case of congenitally damaged foetuses, apparently breaking ranks with a conservative leadership that pushed the ban.

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    Constitutional court have chosen this time to make their decision now, knowing that it will lead to protests just like 2,5 years ego. Because the government wants to blame covid situation on protestants. There was massive spike before protests. On the 1st wave before August 200-400 cases per day, top cases 843 on August 08. Before protests 13,628. They will use this as a pretext for new lockdowns like in other countries. They have already pushed a law a week ago allowing police to use force to apply vaccination. People in Poland are just cattle, to be vaccinated and kept in cages. But this is not the problem of single country. When you see this don't laugh because you don't agree with them. Look at what is going on in your country and your neighbors. New normal have began.

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