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Poisoned Russian opposition leader shares defiant warning

Alexey Navalny spoke to “60 Minutes” about the August incident that left him hospitalized and critically ill, saying, “I’m sure [Vladimir Putin] is responsible.”

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    Alexei Navalny – a true Russian hero.


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    Support Legislation to BAN COURT ORDERED RAPE in the USA!

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    Hero. Extreme hero.

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    Umm I’d stay put.

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    Let's face it, Trump doesn't even know or care who this guy is. Lol, this guy is only known mainly in Russia, prior to him being poisoned, most Americans had no clue about him.

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    abcdefake news

    y'all are lying out of your lying liar holes

    we dgaf what other countries are doing that's their problem

    we see what you did here
    and we aren't putting up with it


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    Trump is next to poison by Putin. If Trump lost the election and can’t paid Putin back. That’s for sure.

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    Whatcha doin mossad?

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    I think we should kill all the news people for lieing to U.S. and burn their homes down. We should do it as soon as possible.

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    Trump wish that he has the power like Putin to rule USA..you what I mean.. trump 2020

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    Who cares. Oh wait. Dam media love russia

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    Let's just get it over with. Let's all get guns and gas and kill everything and burn everything up. I'm ready to start immediately. I hate this Plan E.T., but it's the only way to make sure nobody ever fucks with this Guy Ah 🌍 ever again.

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    The Pentagon diverted your Covid mask money to manufacture more weapons.

    Russia and ISIS can't believe their luck. Trump kills more Americans than them ! ! !

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    If he returns back to Moscow and takes on Putin, he’d be undoubtedly on of the bravest men in history, or a least in a century. It’s pretty adventurous to defy the most dangerous man on earth. Takes huge ⚽️ ⚽️. I hope the Russian people rally behind him and overthrow the little KGB thug.

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    Jude 21
    Amplified Bible, Classic Edition
    21 Guard and keep yourselves in the love of God; expect and patiently wait for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ (the Messiah)—[which will bring you] unto life eternal.


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    Hi China, I am the President of ummm arrrr errrr the US Senate, no the USA… how much are you willing to pay me.
    Here use HUNTERS account #. It looks better that way……come on man!!!!!!

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    philosophical wisdom

    So still no proof. Got it.

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    How is it he's can keep getting away with poisoning people? Nobody does anything about him? Why not?

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    Fake news..

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    🚸🎃🛍️🖼️Mentovka,He Havalivaj Mena Ha Ameriku.Ja V Contacte CAM,Ti PonaLA,Parasha?

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    Meanwhile in Canada, 🇨🇦Canada building detention camps (rotten things are at play) https://youtu.be/5BLLbIWdk5Q

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    Trump is in bed with putin

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    Jesantoni Hevileon

    If Putin or the Russian government really wished make this imbecile puppet to disappeared from this planet ,bet that with all the years of experience the KGB use to have inside the Putin brain , this moron long time ago have been a victim of suicide .

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    Putin and Trump need to go live on an Island together and just admire themselves. Both are disgusting leaders that are not real men. They both hide behind their power and security because both would piss their pants if confronted face to face with no security to protect them.

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