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PMQs: Keir Starmer accuses Boris Johnson of rejecting SAGE science over COVID 'circuit-breaker'

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has accused Boris Johnson of rejecting the advice of his scientific advisers to introduce a so-called circuit-breaker to curb Covid infections.

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  1. Avatar

    The economic forum must pay well.

  2. Avatar

    Why don’t they just work together through this pandemic instead of measuring each other cocks .

  3. Avatar

    Corbyn had more drive than Starmer. Rumour has it that the Corbynista are trying to oust Starmer…..

  4. Avatar

    Starlin authoraterian. Owned by the same elite Mafia that ownes Johnson vile communists thilth.

  5. Avatar

    Who is going to listen to a pro EU plastic socialist?

  6. Avatar

    How lurid the Labour party screaming for more restrictions!!!!

    Shame on these puppets that simply want to be used more and more by the real world powers!

  7. Avatar

    Keir Starmer is as Labour as the witch Tatcher was!

  8. Avatar

    Labour are utter scum,The two main parties should be finished after this Muppet show!!

  9. Avatar

    Hi all, I’m raising money for an elderly man in the south of Italy. Even 1 euro-dollar-Sterling can make a big difference.


  10. Avatar

    Bring Corbyn back, and tell Boris to stay home

  11. Avatar

    Pathetic. No opposition. Hence labour will never be in government.

  12. Avatar

    That’s rich coming from Starmer, he’s been chancer all his life. He sat on his bloody hands during the Rotherham scandal when he was DPP. He’s ducked and dived all his career.

  13. Avatar

    Is no one going to mention the no mask or the fact that they aren't actually socially distancing all that much

  14. Avatar

    I'm glad kier is going more on the offensive and not just supporting this nasty incompetent corrupt government

  15. Avatar

    Why does the guy with orange socks on the right play on his phone during the whole discussion 😂

  16. Avatar

    PMQs are way less fun when it's Tory vs Tory like this.

  17. Avatar

    Staged performances, squabbling over nonsensical r numbers instead of conceding to the great Barrington declaration

  18. Avatar

    Why do labour sound like the Democrats in the United states I wonder

  19. Avatar

    Ther is only 546 people in hospital in over 65 million. We don’t need ANY lockdowns. It’s all b,llox

  20. Avatar

    Labour the c2nts of society….waste of DNA…Marxist a2sewipes

  21. Avatar
    About Things Podcast

    National lockdown is definitely not the answer to the problems we are facing! Just stop!

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