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PM announces second national lockdown for England from Thursday

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson holds a press conference to announce that England will enter a second national lockdown. (Subscribe:

The Prime Minister is joined by Chief Medical Officer for England Chris Whitty and Chief Scientific Adviser Sir Patrick Vallance.


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  1. Avatar

    Half arsed lockdown that we'll be in for at least two months if not longer. Should have been full because it's not going to be enough, and thank you to all the people with chav mentality for making it happen, maybe we should cut your benefits to teach you a lesson! We need a virus that targets the thick and stupid.

  2. Avatar
    Jugurtha Numidian

    Remdesivir made 1 billion profit for Gilead pharma and it is a toxic substance and it doesn't work.
    They have banned an 80 y working medecine hydrochloroquine it cost only few pounds.

  3. Avatar

    WHAT LOCKDOWN ? this are simply anti RIOT preparations and nothing more ……… all they are saying is don't gather and don't drink alcohol ( in case you get brave or something ) …… control the " bug" my as# major BS

  4. Avatar

    Dominc Cumming wrote the story

  5. Avatar

    Ok so let shut down a lot of business but keep school open?🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ Fucking tard.

  6. Avatar

    Meanwhile in the USA we have 100k per day cases and people are going to halloween parties 😬😬😫😫

  7. Avatar
    Mac McMacington McMichael Dos Santos


  8. Avatar

    Great another lock down! Just in time for the dwp to reinstate the minimum income floor for self employed people on universal credit!! Limited work but still expected to earn the minimum income floor! Self employed people in the tourism industry have had it along with many many more people.

  9. Avatar


  10. Avatar

    The NHS clapping show due to resume

  11. Avatar

    Delayed so he could see England win the Rugby 🏉

  12. Avatar

    The secret why the UK failed to defeat COVID-19 but China succeeded https://youtu.be/lfTrHBQpjVQ

  13. Avatar

    Zero information. It was all on the invisible slides!!!!

  14. Avatar

    Love these, never disappointed looking through the conspiracy theory commentators, you lot need to wake up and live in the real world, or move planets.

  15. Avatar

    Sweden 🙂 nice here! Unlike these 3 morons they treat us like adults here. No lockdown, no draconian measures, no masks, kid still at school, I'm still at work (restaurant) and busyer than ever, hospitals very underwhelmed by virus, no social unrest, no riots and everyone has toilet paper. What a bad joke it all looks from here! Good luck everyone!

  16. Avatar

    "Never in the field of government incompetence, was so much fucked up for so many, by so few"

  17. Avatar

    I have a peanut allergy, as do thousands of ppl in the uk. Peanut allergies are deadly. Should I ban you and the entire country from eating nuts and arrest or fine you if you do? No, because all of my health problems are my problems. I wouldn’t want you to suffer at all and especially lose your right to freedom and suspend your human right to a family life because I am at risk. Because of my immune system problems I’m in an at risk group for covid too, but I’m against harming the entire country for me. Many of us don’t want this – we wouldn’t be so selfish. You stay locked in your house forever if you like, but I won’t be.

    The best thing I’ve seen since this all started is the old people in care homes protesting with signs that say “I’d rather die of covid than loneliness”. We all should be making our own decisions about this risk!

  18. Avatar

    WAKE UP PEOPLE. THIS IS ALL TO BRING IN A VACCINE… AGENDA 21 people have had a positive result after dipping test in a puddle. WAKE UP THERE IS NO VIRUS

  19. Avatar

    I hope The government get tried for crimes against humanity in due coarse. More people are opening their eyes now to the covid scam , how about mentioning about all the 1000s of false positive test results that push the statistics up and cause this uncalled for lockdown. Conspiracy , Lies , Agendas. I hope you all get found out eventually. Trying to cause unecessary severe panic and fright in decent human beings. LIARS!!!!!!!!

  20. Avatar


  21. Avatar

    Look up Ivermectin. Clinical trials have consistently shown it to reduce death rate by 80%.This government is either entirely incompetant or actively concealing the truth.

  22. Avatar

    Thank you Boris for the days worth of warning. He's now trying not just to control the virus, stay alert to the virus, manipulate the virus, grouse hunt with the virus, take out to McDonald's for 50% off with the virus, test the eyesight of the virus, grab a bottle of Co-Op cider past 10p.m with the virus. But also to now intimidate the virus. 👍

  23. Avatar

    This is a COMPLETE lockdown. But wait. There is more! Schools stay open, essential work places stay open and key sectors stay open. Ok so this is a lockdown for retired people. THANK YOU BORIS!

  24. Avatar

    Doing this on a Saturday is "absolutely necessary", is it?
    Johnson's a lying incompetent who still refuses to say who paid £15,000 for his Caribbean holiday. There is a c-word for that.

  25. Avatar

    If a man is mentally healthy, he will understand that an illness MUST spread, since we live in an open society. Where you wanted to go in the last 6 months was to add healthcare capacity. If the basics of society are cut, the people will escape and riot. So if the objective is to spread the virus everywhere and make civil unrest, lockdown is propably what you want to do.

  26. Avatar
    Andre Yamba Yamba

    Still waiting for the slides

  27. Avatar

    What kind of video making is that ? How stupid ?

  28. Avatar

    children of the tories filming this? incompetence suggests so – why is the production quality so terrible, and more to the point, why aren’t we getting cut-always to the slides??

  29. Avatar

    99% of people are too stupid to live – see below

  30. Avatar

    Alternatively we could let everyone be responsible for their own health…as it always has been, worldwide and throughout all of human history, until now. One should shield yourself if you so choose but don't expect the rest of us do the same. Life must go on. This must end.

  31. Avatar

    He's been telegraphing this for months under the guise he "doesn't" want second lockdown.

  32. Avatar

    IT'S A TRAP!

  33. Avatar

    the tories ousting the council from care services for the elderly and forcing us to hire a private company who then sent a career sick with covid, killed my grandmother. these people are criminals.

  34. Avatar
    Borders Drone Seekers

    This is a joke and will not work a lockdown should mean a lockdown

  35. Avatar

    No one is going to get a ps5 till 2nd December now

  36. Avatar


  37. Avatar

    So cases are spiraling out of control – we need to do something urgently, Schools, Universities most workplaces to remain open as normal but we can't go for a pint or go for a haircut now? Expect more silly slides and an actual 'real lockdown' in 3 weeks when it' fails, the NHS is overrun and it's far too late.

  38. Avatar

    .25% mortality rate if you do nothing. There's no reason to shut down. Stop being stupid. Far more people die from desperation and suicide as a result of destroying their livelihoods with worthless stupid lock downs. #nomorelockdowns

  39. Avatar

    "Stay at home."
    "Don't stay at home."

  40. Avatar

    Would it kill to see the charts?

  41. Avatar

    fucking lying twats

  42. Avatar

    Given the current conflict between health and the economy, #whynot provide an unconditional basic income #ubi with minimal cost and without taxes while meeting carbon targets by design? For example, a demurrage resource-based currency like #teqs would support progress and freedom without incentivizing greed, given that the currency would represent ecological impact rather than exclusion. http://flemingpolicycentre.org.uk/teqs/ A healthcare currency could also be based on this, dividing community costs by the population and equitably distributing; since it expires, generosity and sharing as well as free trade would be encouraged and could be promoted by recognizing acts of kindness. This would also positively impact cultural values without imposing regulations. The nature of a currency determines its impact, and the better the design, the less need for regulations to try to compensate for flaws. The latter is like treating symptoms rather than dealing with the causes of disease. In terms of democratic economy, with such demurrage resource-based currencies, people could vote on allocation, eg for infrastructure, education/training/recreation, organizations/businesses/services. Consciousness is key to choice. But then #whynot choice about currencies and intentionally designed communities?

  43. Avatar

    Brexit is being managed just as responsibly. Honest.

  44. Avatar

    38:00 Oi Patrick, tell us about your shares in vaccine companies. Tell us. We're all ears. It's not as if any of these sell-out mouthpieces will ask any relevant questions! How did the PM beside you allowed you to take this position, knowing that you yourself hold multiple conflicts of interests? Please tell us.

  45. Avatar

    These three should test every vaccine!

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