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Planet Normal: Robert and Josephine, together for 60 years but kept apart by Covid

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Every now and then, Planet Normal goes back to its roots and speaks to… a normal person. So joining Telegraph columnists Allison Pearson and Liam Halligan in the rocket this week is listener Robert, whom regulars will know as the man whose letter brought us all to tears.

He wrote to Planet Normal about not being able to visit his beloved wife, Josephine in her care home due to lockdown rules. He tells Allison that while he and Jo have recently celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary, their relationship almost ended after a snowball fight many years ago, and why he’s now calling for ministers to start thinking more about older citizens when considering restrictions.

So Allison and Liam join Robert in asking “Do you Care Minister?” of Care Minister Helen Whately, and demand answers for the thousands of Roberts and Josephines kept apart. Plus, Liam calls for some schools to stay open during the holidays and Allison supports the naked shoppers in South Wales!

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