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Plane passengers chant for man to be removed after he refuses to wear mask

Louis Stead, 31, was recorded arguing with EasyJet cabin crew on his return flight from Hurghada, Egypt, last month. Flight attendants tried to persuade Mr Stead into putting his mask on before becoming enraged at the ‘way he spoke to them’. The part-time lawyer, from Islington, East London, began reciting the 2010 Equality Act to justify why he should not have to wear a mask due to his PTSD – even though he was in Egypt. Staff eventually told him to leave the aircraft before escorting down the aisle to chants of ‘off, off, off’ from fellow passengers. But the father-of-one claims he eventually backed down in order to get the flight home and wore his mask after feeling ‘intimidated and humiliated’ by the ‘mob’.

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    Another snowflake after money.Just do as you’re told for once.

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    Poor disorientated, spineless people.

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    He’s got his own you tube channel in which he advocates harassing people and drink driving. He’s a trouble maker

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