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Philippine government efforts to preserve historic Manila

Years of decay and neglect have left the city of Manila a shadow of what it once was and growing urbanisation, pollution, and a reputation for violence have pushed many away.
But there have been efforts to revitalise the city and preserve its historic buildings.

Al Jazeera’s Jamela Alindogan reports from Manila.

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  1. Avatar
    Space Shuttle Door Gunner

    Just the result of years upon years of corruption. Won't change.

  2. Avatar

    So beautiful European Latin architecture built by the Spaniards, the Spanish Empire, once the most powerful of the world. Phillipinos should be proud of it as Spanish created the Phillipines and made it, the Pearl of the Orient

  3. Avatar

    Rapent and unchecked over development is evident everywhere there

  4. Avatar

    It is an old record? People don't have mask.

  5. Avatar
    Guillermo JOSE JR

    There is Hope!

  6. Avatar

    Manila is much more better now. This video is recorded maybe a year ago or before this pandemic.

  7. Avatar
    Trekkie from New Zealand

    Good that you fixed the volume

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  10. Avatar

    A lot of REHABILITATION PROJECTS are undergoing at this moment. Beautiful parks, underground passages now seemed to be a mini art museums, street lightning, slum area turned into a beach, smelly canals now are cleaned and green. A lot more will come because of the young former actor but Harvard Educated Isko Moreno Domagoso or populary known as Yorme.

  11. Avatar
    Peter Paul Parado

    Good job Mayor Isko Moreno and President Rodrigo Duterte❤🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭❤🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

  12. Avatar

    Nakarecover n sana kaso un mga dilawan nagaling galingan edsa people power kasama ang npa at oligarchs naupo c Cory bagsak ang pinas daig p nahulogan Ng atomic bomb

  13. Avatar
    Rullyans GoodVibes

    Before soain manila is Sultanate peace country Amanillah.

  14. Avatar

    been to manila once, all i saw was poverty, filth noise. You can't find a single park that is clean and doesn't smell. A lot of work needs to be done to change Manila. Yes the city can do, but majority of the change needs to start with the people living within the city.

  15. Avatar

    Philippines need a dictator like Lee kuan yew to really developed.

  16. Avatar

    It's filthy I've been there! BIG MISTAKE!

  17. Avatar

    and what about aljazeera's efforts to spread romours ??

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