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Philip Pullman: 'The UK will fall apart' over Brexit

Sir Philip Pullman is an English novelist, best known for his fantasy trilogy ‘His Dark Materials’. (Subscribe:

His new book ‘Serpentine’ is set in the world of ‘His Dark Materials’ and explores a small crack he discovered in the series’ character relationships.

He talks to Krishnan about why he doesn’t like calling his books fantasy novels, his worries for the future of the UK and his thoughts on the J.K. Rowling debate.


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  1. Avatar

    No more nails and blue tack are good for that.

  2. Avatar

    After brexit there needs to be a wall on the borders between Wales and Scotland because their leaders will scream for independence

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    Unworthy Servant of God JESUS CHRIST

    Open your hearts to the one true living God JESUS CHRIST YOU WILL HAVE EVERLASTING LIFE.
    God Jesus Christ is Coming back soon. Accept him dear friends and get saved.
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    For “Everyone who calls on the name of the LORD will be saved.”
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  4. Avatar

    A nattering naybob of negativism. The UK has survived much worse than divorcing a shitty increasingly totalitarian union that deserves to be called the Fourth Reich.

  5. Avatar

    No, it won't… Just more Channel 4 scaremongering… I have said all along that a No-Deal Brexit was the best…

  6. Avatar
    Bryony Coates-Rees

    Philip Pullman is wonderful to listen to as well as to read ❤

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