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Pharmacies struggle with flu vaccine demand

Flu shot campaigns are beginning across Canada. But they’re reporting high demand, and some have long waits to book appointments even before the vaccination campaigns have begun. 

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  1. Avatar
    Jonathan Isaac Carbajal Vega

    Thank you. It sounds aweful

  2. Avatar

    What a sick joke !!

  3. Avatar

    Good to hear, getting covid and the flu would suck

  4. Avatar

    You typically start to feel bad quickly instead of over time. You may have a high fever, headache and muscle aches, cough, sore throat, and tiredness. You also might have a runny or stuffy nose, chills, headache, and nausea or vomiting.

  5. Avatar

    1550 min is…

    Just shy of 26 hours hahahaha 😆

  6. Avatar

    Nobody trust Bill Gates. Just give out the meds they gave to Trump. Don't try to force it on people.

  7. Avatar

    My comment was deleted….. fact checkers are among us

  8. Avatar

    Flu shot not needed! Most people just staying home anyways

  9. Avatar
    Walrus Lolbertarian

    Trying to turn the flu shot into the cabbage patch doll, nice try

  10. Avatar

    Is there actually demand? I don’t know anybody who takes it so I guess I just live in a bubble and there’s a lot of people out there who don’t understand that vaccines are useless and harmful

  11. Avatar

    So prior to covid-19, pharmacies weren't properly cleaning their facility in between patient/customers. That means they don't take their patients health seriously and demonstrates they put speed of service ahead of quality of care & service.

  12. Avatar

    Don’t be fooled by what the media is showing you. There is NO demand for their poison aka flu shot.

    They trying to make it look like as if there is a rush for it . The fear of missing out, they trying to play mind games to make you come for that poison ☠️

  13. Avatar

    You can have my flu shot.

  14. Avatar

    I was second in line at shoppers 7.30am..I get it every year..and I believe in it..my choice not yours

  15. Avatar

    Stop showing that scary picture. I am afraid of any needle. It's not helping to convince people to take the vaccine. It's opposite. I have to think what scares me more. Needle or virus. I think needle in this picture is worse.

  16. Avatar

    Uh huh. Yeah right.

  17. Avatar

    I took a flu shot 9 years ago. Haven't had one since and haven't had the flu either.

  18. Avatar

    Hopefully this windfall helps those poor vaccine companies make up for their slumping school children vaccine sales.

  19. Avatar


  20. Avatar
    Annette Melnychuk

    I am booked for October 28th

  21. Avatar

    Got my shot 😁

  22. Avatar

    There is no demand. Get bent.

  23. Avatar

    I identify as vaccinated.

  24. Avatar
    Good Morning Sunday Morning

    Breaking News today being suppressed on both Social & Mainstream Media
    Biden ReEeMAILS Leeks

  25. Avatar

    The 1% are just rolling around the place laughing at us. As they watched the destruction of humanity to suit their needs…

    Oh yeah and the swedes too. They think we're being utterly ridiculous. And they are right too..

  26. Avatar

    They even struggle with providing prescription 😂 What a failure. They are not able to do anything because they are hunans. More of a marathon, he says. 💀🍷

  27. Avatar

    Now watch COVID 19 increase after people have received the flu shots! The only time I was ill was after I had one of those shots years ago.

  28. Avatar

    What's in the flu shot? What strain of flu does it protect against? What strain of flu is active this season?

  29. Avatar

    Holy I better hurry up and get my shot….lol…

  30. Avatar
    sportscaracing canada

    Next up on CBC if you want your CERB money to continue you must take the flu and Covid vaccine

  31. Avatar

    LMAO I had my “flu vac” few weeks ago. No problem, no extra appointment, no extreme demand & free. & doc still has many doses left. 🤧🤒🤷‍♀️

  32. Avatar

    I have called pharmacies and they do not have until oct 26. My family doctor does not have either

  33. Avatar

    What happened to this plethora of Flu vaccines we supposedly had? 6 million of thought in Ontario alone?

    Corrupt news.

  34. Avatar

    Lol i do not think they are struggling..not due to high demand for them. People are fearing the vax now and its good to see people doing theur own research. Funny how those people are more often than not, the healthier ones. Probably something to do with an immune system and taking care of your body

  35. Avatar

    Is the truth Important?

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